Great Interaction at the Saturday Equity Workshop



Great Interaction at the Saturday Fundamental Equity Value vs Price Mumbai Workshop…we began at 9.30 am & concluded just before 8 pm,breaking just for Lunch ~ Lovely Ginger Tea was served & welcomed heartily thrice & tetrapak drinks once during the day during the interaction & presentation itself !

As expected the November 8,2016  Demonetisation Announcement & it’s immediate implementation  & it’s continuing  Impact on Equity Markets was debated for awhile on whether stated Objectives will be met or are they really any ulterior motives

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Demonetisation:GDP & Real Estate & Sensex affected~For how long?Attend the Workshop

Would Love to have you at the Fundamental Workshop in Mumbai on Saturday,December 3,2016

Stock Selection ~ Value vs Price ~ Positioning for 2017 & Beyond

🙂 It could turn out to be the best Investment in 2016 that you made for 2017 & Beyond !

Demonetisation : GDP & Real Estate & Sensex affected ~ For how long ?

What is more compelling right now ? ~ Opportunity in Equity or the Significance of Disciplined & Astute Asset Allocation ~ Would depend on how Aggressive or how Scared you are ! ~ or as wryly stated how Wise or Foolish you are ! ~ In the context of Investment,Trading & Speculating do you react or pro-act rationally or irrationally,impulsively or with reasoning ? Do you Sweat ,not because of Global Warming or Warm Weather,but because you’re in losses ? Discover your Risk Profile & be True to it

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IDBI Bank @ Rs 68 ~ Will Govt really let go?

IDBI Bank @ Rs 68 ~ Will Govt really let go?

In 1995  IDBI the DFI came out with an IPO at Rs 130.I had given it the notorious sobriquet ‘Instant Death By Investment !’ as the Pricing was way to High.The IPO was bailed out by UTI at the time in a quid quo pro really as then IDBI subscribed to Unit 64 at the high purchase price which was a scam in itself as it was 60% higher than the actual Unit 64 NAV which hovered around par of Rs 10 !

Then in 2004  IDBI the DFI merged with IDBI Bank  and in 2010 I had recommended it at Rs 130 in 2010 for several reasons.It did climb past Rs 200 the same year but then disappointed and started it’s downward slide as NPA Demons begin surfacing big time.

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Epic Global Debt Defaults Inevitable

Epic Global Debt Defaults are Inevitable 

Financial Apocalypse inevitable ! ?

Here’s a well summed up scenario by William White, the Swiss-based chairman of the OECD’s review committee and former chief economist of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS).

Extract ~The stimulus from quantitative easing and zero rates by the big central banks after the Lehman crisis leaked out across east Asia and emerging markets, stoking credit bubbles and a surge in dollar borrowing that was hard to control in a world of free capital flows.

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A Rhetoric Question ~Will Petrol In India go back to 1963 Rates !?

Petrol Bill of 1963

🙂 Will Petrol go back to 1963 Rates in India as on this old bill from then  ! ? ~ Question is of course rhetoric !

Read that again ! It’s just Rs 3.60 for a full 5 liters !=> that’s 72 paise a litre  nearly 53 years ago on February 2,1963 !…it’s surged   to current @ Rs 70 a litre which is in absolute terms 9600+% and in CAGR Terms just 9%

You can dramatically of course say that 72 paise has become 72 rupees in just over half a century ! 

Today everyone has an Opinion on Oil Rates !

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Hoping for A Merciless Market for Higher Gains at Lower Risk !

As a Concerning Week comes to a close,the Sensex again has chopped off a few hundred points and gone sub 25500

I’m Hoping for A Merciless Market !  ….that’s when you can get into serious wealth creation opportunities at lower risk for higher gain !

Have held from December 2014 that 2015 will be volatile and vulnerable and had repeatedly voiced cautions on SCRIP STANDPOINT Module on my company website

which would serve you well to visit and revisit  to understand why we thought so

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