‘Happy New Year’ ~ What a Farah Khan Farce of a Movie !

‘Happy New Year’ ~ What a Farah Khan Farce of a Movie !

As with all Shah Rukh Khan Starrers there is great pre movie hype and publicity that raises great expectations

Saw it  one late night a few days ago and was thankful wasted less at Regal than one of those ‘loot’ multiplexes…though the seats are not that comfortable and offer only a slight automatic recline that those who wish to sit straight up detest and the whole row shakes when one laughs out loud or rumbles too much in their seat….so on the other hand actually maybe I could have reclined well in those voluptuous multiplex seats and slept through the movie !

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Saw Salman Khans KICK on Idd Night and then needed to be Kick Started !

Saw Salman Khan’s KICK on Idd Night ….Mindboggling….actually the Mind Boggled !….and needed to be Kick Started !

Inox Multiplex at Nariman Point ,Mumbai was relatively empty….they need to reduce their Ticket rates….but if you think the Multiplex attracts only the Elite…think again….the row behind was occupied by one  who was discussing his Police Cases & FIRs in Hindi Slang with another similar who he bumped into in the Interval…not even in whispers

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Kangana Ranaut as Queen is Good…real Good

Kangana Ranaut

Saw ‘Queen’ last evening at Inox Nariman Point…enjoyed the Movie

…the Multiplex wore a deserted look on a late Friday evening…A Family Movie outing here for a few hours is worth a Full Petrol Tank which lasts a Week at least !…and don’t be lured by the ‘Refuel’  guys always thrusting all Veg Menus onto you….if you do,just stop at ordering what you really want and don’t be lured by the extra that they will ask you,like which sauce etc…they are extra and cost extra…..and always ask for the Bill and check it and the change ….or else you’re encouraging them to pocket the Monies…and do ask them,if they have not already, to give you the nice imported handy blue packets of ‘Tempo’ ~the hygenic hand tissues…they’re free !

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Nirbhaya….go see this Play & Raise Your Hand to Break the Silence on Women Atrocities !…we Men are not all the Same !


Respect the Female Gender and Protect it too and Raise Your Hand to support the Movement against Female Atrocities

Go see ‘Nirbhaya’ it’s at NCPA ,Mumbai till March 20,2014 before moving to New Delhi & Bangalore

It was a choice between catching  India’s well known Woman Tabla Player Anuradha Pal celebrating Life with her ReCharge Percussion Band at the Club’s Main Lawns or supporting and saluting ‘Nirbhaya’  who had Lost Her Life and Other Women who were reclaiming theirs….I’m glad I went to NCPA with my 18 year old daughter and her friend…will ReCharge with Anuradha Pal and her Band  some other time !

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Enjoyed the Entertaining Show of the Mentalist Lior Suchard last evening at NCPA

Enjoyed the Entertaining Show of the Mentalist Lior Suchard last evening at Tata Theatre  NCPA….reached early for the 4.30 pm extra show and eagerly awaited the beginning with childlike anticipation…was with an even more excited wife and daughter and her friend

He’s a Funny Guy with a great sense of humour and timing…..90 minutes of non stop high octane action…..projected as a mentalist and a supernatural entertainer his act is a combination of tricks ( knew one of them ) and sleight of hand and some mentalist stuff

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Dhoom 3 ~ “Tere Aisee kee Taisee!” ~ there never will be a Dhoom 4!

Dhoom 3 ~ “Teri Aisee kee Taisee!” ~ I doubt if there will be a Dhoom 4 ! unless of course ,as my son quipped,Abhishek Bachhan and Uday Chopra need some Money and Aditya Chopra obliges ! ~ Mean thing to say as both are really ok,though not in the Movie !

What a waste of a Christmas Morning ! ~ got up early ,had breakfast too caught the 9.30 am early morning show of the much hyped ‘Dhoom 3’  at PVR Phonenix,Mumbai as it’s the Cheapest in the early morning shows at Rs 250 for Prime Seats and Rs 150 for the Star Seats…..last Row lovely Prime seats ….thought it would be good value for money…both the seats and the movie !…..but wish I had got the Rs 150 ones ! …Wife enjoyed it ! while  both the grown up children who amazingly too came along  with us on an early Bank Christmas Holiday! were with me on this !…we came out into the welcome sunshine at 1 pm

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