Reliance or NBCC ? ~ Both @ Rs 850 levels

😀 Oh ! How I love Equities !

Reliance Industries or NBCC !?

No Brainer!?

Both  FV Rs 10 and @ Rs 850 levels

Reliance with a Market Cap of @ Rs 275000 crs and  embedded in controversies and has actually lost monies for shareholders in the last six years of holding

NBCC with a Market Cap of  @ Rs 10200 crs and on the ascend yet despite a stellar over 500% rise in just over a year !

Had Recommended Exit from Reliance over a year ago on Corporate Governance issues and had strongly recommended NBCC as a SS 2 Select on October 18,2013 as a super Diwali Pick at Rs 110

If you Guys consider a Switch from Reliance to NBCC and make some Money on this,let me know by email and I’ll tell you where to send my Fees ! 🙂

If you don’t make Monies then my email was wrong! 🙂

Oh! and if you’re considering switching from NBCC to Reliance in expectations of  ‘Jio’ Rollout benefit,then all the best and “Jugh Jugh Jio! ” 🙂


Union Budget 2014 ~ Will Sensex continue to Humour as Jaitley does not!

Have a look at our first impression posted  after our FM ‘s Union Budget Address and during market hours

Union Budget 2014 ~ Will Sensex continue to Humour as Jaitley does not!

Think he missed a great opportunity to provide us with the ‘Naya Soch’ of the new NDA Government

His Speech stated quite a few challenges and objectives like tackling Black Monies,raising Tax to GDP ratio,lowering Inflation and Fiscal Deficit % but stopped short of spelling out the specifics of solving these

Having just 45 days after NDA was elected he has opted for the easier option of simply following the UPA budget process and numbers too that the UPA FM Mr Chidambaram laid out in his Interim Budget in February 2014….whether it be Disinvestment or Tax Receipts or Fiscal Deficit Control Targets…made right noises but was tokenism in a few areas like social expenditure…thankfully nothing really adverse or anti poor though direct tax incentives are not really cause for any celebration

Sensex had quite a roller coaster ride today as to be expected….opening stable & pre budget speech at 25514 in the morning then sliding before noon over 300 points to 25117 from yesterday closing of 25445 during the budget speech before strongly racing away by over 700 points to 25920 …over 400 points previous day closing post budget speech only to reverse all the gains and close at 25373,down 72 points  from previous day closing

Will the Sensex continue to Humor us in the near term despite not an iota of Humor in the FM’s Speech !? …sense is that any correction will be a hiccup on the onward march towards 30000 on the back of increased FII Net Infows & Big Corporate Infra spending  

I see some clear big winners in the Infrastructure Space across the Board from Shipping to Power to SEZs to Real Estate to Highway Road Construction Companies and Pipeline Companies



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    Union Budget 2013 ~ India is a BLESsed Economy…Felt like a stand up comedian as had the house of 400 well informed investors in splits !

    Union Budget 2013 ~ India is a BLESsed Economy

    Felt like a stand up comedian as had the house of 400 well informed investors in splits !  when I address and interacted with them on Budget Day Feb 28 evening itself at a Budget Review Event jointly hosted by AIVF,JITO and the BSE Brokers Forum at KC College Auditorium

    Gaurav Parikh on Dias before his Humorous Address to 400 in the audience On Budget Day Feb 28,2013

    Covered this on our Company website as below :


    Slide Share ~ The Presentation at the Event to support the Address & Interaction

    Union Budget 2013 ~ India is a BLESSsed Economy…Addressed an audience of 400 on Budget Day

    Union Budget 2013 ~ India is a BLESSsed Economy…

    Enjoyed on the Budget Day Evening itself Feb 28,2013 addressing and interacting with a well informed audience of 400 on the Union Budget 2013 ~ on how the Government plans to make Money to tackle deficits and how we can ! ~ plan to host a few thoughts of my presentation on the company website and on this blog ~ covered how FM has cleverly and conveniently balanced the budget ~ also covered  the Forward Trends in Equities &  Indices & Gold & Exchange Rate & how Debts & Deficits are forcing Disinvestments & how the malaise continues on our exchanges and it will be some time before the retail investor comes back,if at all ~ spoke on Liquidity,Sentiment,Momentum and Valuation

    🙂 Felt more like a Stand Up Comedian as the audience were in splits on some of the budget and stock market situations I presented…

    Union Budget 2013 Review Event
     Cheers !

    Who Goofed up on the ex Bonus Pricing ! ? BSE or Westlife Developments ? ~ at Rs 153.90 it has got everyone excited as the Jatia Family will play out the McDonalds India Story through it ~ Nobody is asking searching questions !?

    Check out a detailed write up that we have just put as Scrip Standpoint on my company website  

    Who Goofed up on the ex Bonus Pricing ! ? BSE or Westlife Developments ? ~ at Rs 153.90 it has got everyone excited as the Jatia Family will play out the McDonalds India Story through it

    Nobody though  is asking searching questions !?

    It is traded on only BSE in the T Group .This allows only 2% daily movement either side to hit circuits ! ~It was Rs 86 ex bonus on December 7,2012 and then it becomes Rs 153.90 ex bonus yesterday ! within a few days !

    Who goofed up BSE or the Company !

    Company announced a 1:1 Bonus and declared record date as December 11,2012 subsequently changing it to a Book Closure Date

    In first week December communications to BSE it never revealed that  the Bonus was only for the Non Promoters Shareholders  apparently to bring down the Jatia Group holding from 85% + to 75% as is required by  a listed company ~ and believe me it’s no sacrifice ! ~ so the ex bonus price was adjusted to Rs 86 on 7/12/2012 ~ Company then issues this clarification and so the Price returns to Rs 150+ ex bonus,the same as it was cum bonus !

    An Economic Times Coverage gave it a huge thumbs up today ~ without checking out some tricky questions like what will be the final Equity of this Company when it consolidates and makes Hardcastle Restaurants a direct Subsidiary

    Hardcastle Restaurants is the Jatia Group Celebrity being the McDonald Franchisee for West and South India

    Will Westlife Development move up from Rs 150+ ? Of Course it will….but searching questions throw up Corporate Governance,Lack of Transperancy,Miscommunication and Non Disclosure Issues