Wealth Destroyers as Potential Multibaggers~ Mumbai Equity Workshop Sat June 17 2017

Wealth Destroyers as Potential Multibaggers~ Announcing a Full Day Mumbai Fundamental Equity Workshop on Saturday, June 17 2017 

🙂 This time in this Stock Selection ~Value Vs Price Workshop have kept an exciting Theme :


As Limited Seats would advice to Book Your Seat right away here => http://www.jsalphaa.com/register.php

Plan to cover over 25 Wealth Destroyers to assess any Turnaround Value vs Price & thus a chance to redeem themselves and become Wealth Creators from here… or should just one move on in many of such Wealth Destroyers that are now beyond redemption

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Sugar Scrips on Fire ~ Humming Sugar Sugar… & you got me wanting you !

Sugar Scrips on Fire  even as Sensex tanks @ 382 points & 1.48 % to close lower at 25483

Humming the Archies classic “Oh Honey! Sugar Sugar You’re my Candy Girl & you got me wanting you !”

Look at the Sweet Sweet Returns if you’d made the call on this commodity just a month or two ago when Global Prices have been rising dramatically and the Indian Government has allowed Sugar Exports to realise these prices

Just look at these 14 Sugar Scrips on Fire on BSE !

Dwarikesh & Simbhaoli closed at their 52 Week Highs today while several others recorded their 52 Wk Highs before closing marginally lower !

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Nitin asks about ~ Tide Water Oil yet solid at Rs 6750 while Shree Renuka Sugars at Rs 25+ has disappointed greatly and eroded by 70% with continuing micro and macro industry woes

Nitin  asks about ~ Tide Water Oil (TWO) at Rs 6750 and Shree Renuka Sugars (SRS)at Rs 25+ at subdued Sensex and Nifty levels of sub 16200 and 4900 respectively 

My Views on these two Scrips are contrasting….. TWO continues to be solid despite some margin stress,while SRS has disappointed greatly and eroded by 70% with continuing micro and macro industry woes and struggles to service high Debt and regain significant lost ground  in the share price

TWO @ Rs 6750 (FV Rs 10)


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Sugar Sweet…no diabetes in sight (Green Light)…..Telecom Voice Breaking (Red Light)…..IT dropping with the Dollar (Orange Light)

The Trafiic Signals are clearly at work in these Three Sectors….It’s Green for Sugar,Red for Telecom and Orange for IT

Sugar Stocks are at just 3 Million tonnes…that’s going to last  a month and a half…India consumes 2 million tonnes a month….Last year we produced a record low ! of below 15 million tonnes and had to import…This year our production will be marginally higher at 16 million…we will yet have to import…half of the imports have gone through…half remain….so sugar prices will have to come to import parity and then remain in the Rs 32 to Rs 35  per kilo range for the coming year….if not more !….the sector is on a roll

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