Congrats Shobhit ! You win the retro TAP GAP 2016 hamper for Lakshmi Energy & Foods

Sadly TAP GAP 2017 cannot be announced  for now as SEBI has proposed a blanket ban on such competitions.More on this at the end of this post

But First the Good News for Shobhit who contributed MIC,Subex and Lakhsmi Overseas in TAP GAP 2016.MIC lost one fourth value in 2016 while Subex is down 6.5% after promising starts

But Hey Shobhit ,your Lakshmi Overseas,now named Lakshmi Energy & Foods Ltd,came from behind in the second half of 2016 and recorded the highest gains from all the 101 entries in TAP GAP 2016 pipping Vishal Kejriwal’s Kisan Moulding to second spot .Your gauravblog hamper ,as promised ,will soon be on it’s way to you

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SEBI is right in regulating those offering stock recos on Social Media

SEBI is right in regulating those offering stock recos on Social Media & Emails & SMSs.

SEBI’s latest salvo to brokers is a 29 Page New Compliance Directive issued in September 2016 while to Investment Advisers (IA) is a 30 page Consultation Paper of October 7,2016 for  amendments to IA Regulations 2013 & inviting comments by November 4,2016

This  Consultation Paper plans to ,among several amendments & clarifications,disallow Investment Advisers offering stock recos  on Social Media unless authorised by SEBI.This has been instantly bashed on Social Media itself for this with hash tags like #SEBIkidadagiri & #SEBIGoback

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TAP GAP 2016 Performance of 101 Scrips in the Half Year at June 30

At Half Year June 30,2016,here’s the performance of all the 101 scrips recommended for TAP GAP 2016

Kaveri Seeds (Pushkar Singh Rana) that was awarded the Winner’s Hamper by me is up 37% & in the Top 10 % Gainers  but has a few ahead of it with even one near doubler ,Stylam Industries (well done Shailendra) !…Dave’s Subex is showing an upward momentum…My last blog was quite an elaborate one on it & evoked a response from him .Even the only Large Cap,Larsen & Toubro has gained 35% …Vishal’s Kisan & Livi’s MRSS too are rocking !

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Finally! ~ TAP GAP gauravblog Winner Hampers enroute to Bhanu Kiran Polanki & Pushkar Singh Rana

Finally! ~ TAP GAP Winner Hampers enroute this evening to Bhanu Kiran Polanki in Hyderabad & Pushkar Singh Rana in Dehradhun

Will not reveal what’s in these right now …Let them be surprised….what I will reveal is they weigh over 7 kgs each and are loaded with @ 20 Brands & 35 items !~ @ twice more than last year ! ( perhaps a way of apologising for the delay in announcing 2016 winner and therefore the delay in despatch ~ come on guys there were 100+ entries to study !)

Bhanu Kiran Polanki won retro for 2015  for recommending Vidhi Dyestuff beginning 2015 at Rs 17 and which rocketed a brilliant 347% to Rs 76.65  at December year end 2015 and even today holds at Rs 70 levels…It zoomed higher than Intellect Design which too did brilliantly in 2015 & which I had selected beginning 2015 as the TAP GAP 2015 Winner…Spicejet & Intrasoft (late entry beyond deadline) which too did well in 2015  had missed out

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Congrats TAP GAP 2016 Winner Pushkar for Kaveri Seed @ Rs 325 !

Congrats TAP GAP 2016 Winner Pushkar for Kaveri Seeds @ Rs 325 !….In less than 2 months it’s already up to Rs 390 with promise of recovering lost ground

Phew ! it took me quite some time to go through 101 Companies as below that were submitted as below for TAP GAP 2016

Thanks to all of  you who send in 101 Company entries by January 15,2016 & for being patient till I declared  Pushkar as the winner today ! 

My single criteria was to assess that which company had fundamental strength to give a 100% return in a tough 2016 ….I also considered if there are vested interests in the scrips who control market trades & I have opted not to go for them….You guys have given me quite a few of these 🙂

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3 out of 4 from the 100 Entries in the Red inside a month in TAP GAP 2016

Phew ! Have gone through all 100 Entries as below for the TAP GAP end 2015 Contest as to  which  Company will be the Biggest Share Price Gainer in 2016

Had taken the lower of price recommended by participant & closing as on January 15,2016 on BSE (except SKM Egg’s NSE closing)

As of last evening & inside a month here is Price Trend of all the Entries

Look at the Price Trends inside the last month…nearly 3 in 4 are in the Red…quite a few over 15% down …Just Two, Ujaas & Vakrangee are up 20% + and a few more over 10%

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