SEBI is right in regulating those offering stock recos on Social Media

SEBI is right in regulating those offering stock recos on Social Media & Emails & SMSs.

SEBI’s latest salvo to brokers is a 29 Page New Compliance Directive issued in September 2016 while to Investment Advisers (IA) is a 30 page Consultation Paper of October 7,2016 for  amendments to IA Regulations 2013 & inviting comments by November 4,2016

This  Consultation Paper plans to ,among several amendments & clarifications,disallow Investment Advisers offering stock recos  on Social Media unless authorised by SEBI.This has been instantly bashed on Social Media itself for this with hash tags like #SEBIkidadagiri & #SEBIGoback

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Falling into the Technical Charting Trap in Stock Markets ! Stop Loss or Stop or Loss!

Why do Most  Market Traders and Speculators always fall into the Technical Charting Trap !?

To be kind to Technical Chartists,it’s probably for the same reason we fundamentalists may fall into a Value Trap even when Investing !

Because we believe !

Yet I’m pained and at a loss to see the game of feeding on each other continues to flourish for decades between Brokers & Technical Chartists & Market Media,especially Stock Channels !….and all seriously with a poker face  that serves to portray  some wisdom and credibility which is really lacking….sadly they believe in what they’re doing and new suckers are born every minute or old ones have short memories…the whole approach is horrendously incorrect as it seduces those who come looking for quick monies in Equities! ………inevitably and it’s always a foregone conclusion that the victim is always the Broker’s Clients who act out zillions of intraday and few days ideas largely fed by Technical Chartists

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Outperformed Sensex more than twice over in Client Portfolios in two years to give 100%+ gains

Indian Equities have been very kind the last two years…and we feel the momentum will sustain into the longer term

Clients are our best ambassadors..Mumbai,Pune,Hyderabad,Bengaluru,Patiala,Sangli,Indore,Jaipur,Jalandhar….USA,Tanzania,Dubai…they are based all over……Small to Big….IT Professionals in Oracle,Cognizant,CapGemini and others,Top CAs, Leading Doctors ,Well Known Businessmen,Employees in leading Industrial Groups and Top Banks,Professionals in Broking Firms too,Real Estate Developers…across the Spectrum

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Technical & Fundamental Guys are on the same Wavelength for once! ~ The MODI Wave !

Technical & Fundamental Guys on the same Wavelength for once !…and it’s not the Dow or Elliot !

With the Sensex zooming  today 2.91% and up 650 points  to 22994 and the Nifty up 2.99% up 199 points to 6859  both the Technical Chartists and the Fundamental Guys are calling it the MODI WAVE !

Do you Speculate ? ~ Here is some chuckling advice from a Commodity Dealer ~ Do Not wear Jeans without Underwear !

Do you Speculate ? ~ Here is some chuckling advice from a Dealer !

This is from a Dealer in Commodities today after Menthol hit upper and lower circuits on trading

“Mentha First Hit 4% UC after that 4% LC

😆 Dont wear Jeans without Underwear
Dont do Trade without Stoploss”

😉 My Interpretation is that Stop Loss means you’ll be wetting only your Underwear ~ without Stop Loss you’ll be wetting your Jeans !

Methinks Whichever ! You’ll be Wetting anyway ! 😥

Wet Wednesday for Menthol !

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What will Psychologists say for those who Speculate too much !?

What will Psychologists say for those who Speculate too much in our Markets  !?

Psychologists relate Behaviour to Emotion

So what would Psychologists Say for those who Speculate in our Markets too much ! ?

  1. They are too Liberal with Other People’s Monies !
  2. They cannot be trusted !
  3. They are unreliable !
  4. They are unfaithful !
  5. They need Counselling !
  6. They need to attend De-addiction Clinics !
  7. They are Top of the League in engaging in both the 4 letter words RISK and F–K ! ~ Aces in both !
  8. They believe in more you Speculate the Luckier you will get,especially with a mindset of Double or Quits !
  9. They have a Phd in  Cursing and Foul Language and are Great Mentors for this ! ~ too much of F & O !
  10. All of the above

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