Keep the Faith ! ~ My sister-in-law did ! ~Meaningful Coincidences ! ~ Synchronicity !

Keep the Faith ! ~ My sister-in-law did !

Meaningful Coincidences ! ~ Synchronicity !

Here’s what just happened this morning !

My sister-in-law ( Wife’s elder sister)  left  day before on Tuesday evening to return to Dubai ~ She forgot her laptop after it had cleared Baggage Scanner in the Security Check ~ Two days of Frantic Follow up with the Mumbai Airport was all in vain ~ Till this Morning !

She got back her Laptop in Dubai this morning !

Here’s what had happened !

After clearing security  at Mumbai Airport she had proceeded to board unmindful that she had forgotten her laptop at security ~ an acquaintance from Dubai,travelling on another flight to Dubai and who had cleared security after her overheard the Security Personnel mentioning my sister-in-law’s name as labelled on the laptop.She asked them why and they told her about the laptop.She requested them to give it to her for returning it to my sister-in-law as she knew her  and on being asked for surety she showed my sister-in-law’s name and number on her mobile phone to them .They trusted her instantly and gave her the laptop to carry to Dubai !

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Delhi is the most polluted city in the world says WHO ~ Politicians to blame!?

Delhi the most polluted city in the world says WHO

Polluted with Babus & Politicians or because of them !?

Whatever !

A Glimmering 5 am Monday Morn Full Moon and a Shimmering Worli Sea

Glimmering Monday Morn Full Moon and a Shimmering Sea

This is a beautiful Moment soaked in this  5 am Monday Morning at Worli Seaface,Mumbai enroute to Domestic Airport to drop Wife catching an early morning Flight to Bangalore

Make Time always to reflect and  absorb and soak and capture a Beautiful Priceless Moment…I did….at 5.30 am on my return the Moon was out of sight

It is a S Day alright…Sunday Newspapers to Sanjaya Baru Controversial Book to Ss in the Premier League Derby

🙂 It is a S Day alright…Sunday Newspapers to Sanjaya Baru’s Controversial Book to all the S’s in the Premier League Derby

Sunday Newspapers

Began with devouring the Sunday Newspapers with my Sunday Norm South Indian Masala Dosas and Sambhar at Sonarica Home

Emailed four interesting ‘Reads’ to my Family as below that began with a Sunday Quote

Life is about creating yourself, not finding yourself — George Bernard Shaw

1 Travel

Sunday Mumbai Mirror ~ Travel Column by 29 year old Marketing Executive Vahishta Mistry ~ he sold off all his possessions and set out to explore the world…he writes about Koh Chang,a an island in Thailand and the uncrowded beaches on the eastern side where he spend the night in a beach tent and went diving

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Greg Mckeown author of ~The Disciplined Pursuit of Less~ Top 3 Networking Mistakes

Came across an interesting take on why Networking Gatherings can be either great or really bad ~ shallow,stressful and unsatisfying

This is an observation,view and experience shared by Greg Mckeown author of ~The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

He speaks of the classic top 3 Networking Mistakes that capable people make

  1. Exchanging too many Business Cards…they become meaningless…you won’t remember them and they you ! ~ instead one genuine relationship formed is worth a fistful of business cards
  2.  Mindful Listening ~ Most look over people’s shoulders while in a conversation ~ when the person you are conversing with realises you are actually listening and focusing on him or her the bonding is faster and leads to a meaningful relationship
  3. Playing out FOMO rather than JOMO ~ One wants to attend everything and meet everyone ! for the Fear Of Missing Out ! …just taking time off or concentrating on what really is of interest to you is engaging in the more meaningful and satisfying Joy Of Missing Out ! ~ it gives one the space to relax,talk without an agenda and scheduled content and can spark out spontaneous ideas and forge deeper relationships

Have attended quite a few boring networking seminars where ‘what’s for Lunch?’ seems to be the highlight !

But they’re a few I have quite enjoyed as the interaction was often one to one and I have been able to forge meaningful relationships…an interesting one was a high profile SAFE Conference in Mauritius ~ 100 top professionals heading regulatory,broking ,exchanges and bank entities across 20 nations…some where even governors of their central banks and consulate generals…..the first day itself was becoming a drag and a monotony although the speaker list was impressive but the delivery was not !…..mid way I just took off on a solo sail in the Indian Ocean ! and took a pic too and blogged it and carried it in my presentation at the Conference the next day and was overwhelmed by the response to the humorous presentation…grew my reputation multifold and made a lot of friends that day across nations  and received many invitations to speak and hold workshops in many nations …two broking houses offered me to name my price to join them urgently and head their fundamental research and client servicing operations !…like they needed me ‘yesterday’ they said ! …got invited and featured on a TV Discussion on Foreign Exchange REER Rates and Impacts

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