Equity ~Life Changers or Life Maimers ?

Equity ~Life Changers or Life Maimers ?

This Thought was inspired by a Whatsapp Forward received this morning titled Power of Equity .It listed many Life Changing Wealth Creators that grew many fold from just Rs 10000 invested in each  & carried a concluding Message in Capitals ” INVEST WISELY WITH LOTS OF PATIENCE “

This was the List & I’m assuming the Years & CAGR Maths is correct with Dividends not being considered :

  1. Eicher Motors-1992 => Rs 80 lakhs
  2. Asian Paints-1986 => Rs 90 lakhs
  3. HDFC -1990 => Rs One Crore
  4. Brittania – 1985 => Rs 1.06 crs
  5. MRF – 1985 => Rs 1.10 crs
  6. BOSCH -1985 => Rs 1.20 crs
  7. Amara Raja -1991 => Rs 1.25 crs
  8. Shree Cement -1990 => Rs 2.90 crs
  9. Infosys – 1993 => Rs 3 crs
  10. Dr Reddys -1986 => Rs 10 crs
  11. WIPRO -1981 => Rs 400 crs

Cannot Argue with this Message for I’ve seen three of my Scrips,in even relatively quick time inside five years of investment too becoming over 100 Baggers ~Matrix Labs( early Millenium & now delisted as sold to Mylan),Mercator(early Millenium) & WIPRO ( from 1997 to  early 2001)

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Squirrels are back in May !

What a Lovely Saturday Morning! The Squirrels are back in May !….they had vanished in April and early May….learnt it was their mating season….first the sparrow awaits it’s turn just below the water pot….then the parrot does as squirrels feast and scamper around….only to finally realise that the squirrel does not mind sharing….all are early breakfast eaters before the pigeons and crows raid….it’s fascinating how the whole day they all play tug of wars and musical chairs….often in greater numbers…like twenty sparrows feasting and twittering and chirping !….Heavenly ! Blessed!

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:-) Annual Reports Season of Half Truths arriving

😀 Annual Reports Season of Half Truths arriving

Half Truths & Bloated Exaggerations

How Glibly Stock Channels recommend past Wealth Destroyers

😳  One should never hold Emotions in Stock Markets !

🙁  Now state this to those whose wealth has been destroyed by Investing in some Listed Companies of  especially Big Business Houses !

👿  Now Relate this in context of  many ‘Experts’ on Stock Channels continuing to recommend ad nauseam such past Wealth Destroyers and Other Companies of the connected Business House

:roll:  Surely you don’t want me to enlighten you with examples of such ‘Experts’ and such ‘Companies’ of such ‘Business Houses’ !?

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Just a Reliance Power Thought for Anil Ambani as he forgoes Personal LPG Subsidy

The leadership Team of Anil Ambani’s Reliance Group has opted to forego LPG Subsidy on the PM’s request for well to do people to do so to reduce the subsidy burden

This triggered  a thought without offence or malice for Anil Ambani to consider and addressed to him in first person :

Your Reliance Power Market Cap is Rs 16410 crs at Rs 58.50 with 75% held by you as Promoter and most at par.The Public hold just over 14% while the big guys FIIs and DIIs hold 11%

The Shares were allotted in a heavily record oversubscribed IPO to Retail Investors in January/February 2008  at Rs 427.50,after a 5% discount on IPO Price of  Rs 450 and within months of the IPO Listing company issued a 3:5 Bonus in May 2008 under pressure to reduce holding cost of  retail allottees to Rs 267.19 per share

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BSE presents BIG cheque to PM for Swachh Bharat Kosh ~ How about a Swachh BSE Initiative!

Of course this is a symbolic BIG Cheque in Amount & Size but unsigned ! ?   🙂

Dr  S  Ramadorai, Chairman, BSE & Mr Ashishkumar Chauhan, MD & CEO, BSE presented a cheque of Rs 1.01 crs for Swachh Bharat Kosh to Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi on Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Now Dr Ramadorai & Mr Chauhan do start a ‘Swachh BSE ‘ Campaign….You may not need to or want to know but I can surely tell you with which listed company to start with at least on proper disclosures and quality notifications to the exchanges in the interest of Equity Investors who are Minority Shareholders  !

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