Bowlers,Harbhanjan Singh and Praveen Kumar should open the Batting !

Australia just won the Vadodra ODI by just 4 runs and lead 1-0 in the seven match series….They piled up 292 and the Indians replied with 288/8…It would have been an improbable win had the Indians pulled it off and scored the 9 runs required of the final over

All seemed lost at 201/7 ….but none had reckoned with the spunk shown by Harbhajan Singh and Praveen Kumar…they nearly got us to victory with a record eight wicket stand…we required 42 to win in the last three overs…we got 33 of them in two,but faltered in the last Siddle over

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Coach,Kirsten has the Guts to come out and pinpoint the IPL for India’s early ouster in the ICC T-20 Cricket World Cup

I’ve said it before and I say it again…There is obscene money in Indian Cricket and the IPL is simply a creation and extension of this…what with those crazy auctions and High Winning Bids for a Team  !…you’re putting a tag on a cricketer like a commodity !…and the price tag level discrepancies between players,especially from the same Country,is causing resentment among them !

There is something as “Too much of a Good Thing” and IPL is just that…It’s tempting Cricketers to play more for Obscene Money,their Franchise and BCCI and not for India !…It’s devaluing the sacred Indian Cap !

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Indian Run Feast in the third ODI v/s Sri Lanka…363-5 in 50 Overs

Dhoni’s luck with the toss continued as he called tails and tails it was…. chose to Bat…Sachin was once again unfortunate to be ruled LBW..ball was missing leg stump…Gambhir was run out at the Non Strikers end by the bowler’s deflection…India 24/2

Then walked in Yuvraj Singh….Sehwag and he created history with a 221 runs partnership in just 167 balls with both scoring centuries

Yuvraj reached the three figure mark first and scored 117 of 95 balls…Sehwag scored 116 of just 90 balls

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Was Pointing Playing for India !?…we should consider him for India’s highest Sporting Award !

Australia had held the Border-Gavaskar Test Trophy for Test Series played between India and Australia

India won back this Trophy by beating them 2-0 in the Series that just concluded

Just a strong reflection on the strange playing tactics and strategies of the Australian Captain,Pointing that has provoked me to even classify this blog under the category of ‘Insider Trading ‘!….Of course this should not take away any of the Indian team’s Glory in beating the Champions

Was Pointing,the Australian Captain playing for India ?….the way he threw his wicket in the earlier tests demands some investigation screamed my Son

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