A Weak Week Gone by …Sensex shakes down 5% as Scams Surface and CBI makes ‘Listed’ arrests…have Selective Conviction

It’s been quite a weak week gone by….the Sensex shook 5% opening at 19841 last Monday but shaking in some shock down to 18955 on Friday…it has recovered to 19400 close as this week opens…..Looking beyond the Sensex shows that the shakedown has been more intense in the Mid cap and Low Cap Areas

IFCI has dropped to Rs 57 levels and IDBI Bank from Rs 200 ! to below Rs 160…both nearer Consolidated Book Value for this year….these price points offer lower risk Opportunities unless ofcourse scams unfold here too !

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Reliance Industries at Rs 1055….”The Best Years Lie Ahead” says Mukesh Ambani…how does it stack up against Global Giants?

Switched on my mobile this morning after a few days of tackling a tough Viral…thank you guys for all your “get well” wishes…they worked

Listened to the live broadcast on stock channels of Mukesh Ambani at the 36th AGM of RIL this morning in Mumbai rolled out the roadmap ahead for his Group…this are a few interesting bytes that really caught my ear

  • Now with the rescinding of the Non Compete Agreement with brother,Anil Ambani’s (ADA) Group, Mukesh Ambani’s RIL Group will enter the Power Industry in a very big way…a blueprint is being prepared….what is amusing however is that despite discovering and drilling Gas from the KG Basin,RIL will not execute any gas based project till 2022…so it’s going to be coal based,hydel,nuclear and alternative energies projects….ironically it is supplying this Gas to Other Fertiliser and Power Plants as directed by the Government…even to ADA Group Power Plants when they are ready to accept and if the Government directs then
  • Organised Retail has earned Revenues of Rs 4500 crs in 2009/10….in just Five Years it will jump ten fold to Rs 45000 crs !…..keeping in mind that RIL is the first Indian Company to cross Rs 200000 crs turnover this year,this would be a great contributor 

Anything BIG to earn and HIGH growth rates forecast,then rely on RIL to enter that sector….Petrochemicals,Petroleum,Retail,Infrastructure….nowTelecom,Pharma,Healthcare,Power,Education.

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2.34 out !…4.20 in ! as Supreme Court rules in favour of RIL and Mukesh Ambani and not RNRL and Brother Anil Ambani…Feel Sad for Anil..so does RNRL now stand for ‘Rahe Na Rahe Ltd’!…I don’t think so

I’ve no bias… but feel sad for Anil Ambani…. I’m with him on this one….. Supreme Court gave a split verdict today in the RIL v/s RNRL Gas Pricing embroglio in favour of RIL

So now 2.34 is out and 4.20 is in !… One perspective is that RIL and the Government have done a 4.20 on this one!

In 2005 when the Reliance Group was split between the Ambani Brothers a MOU was signed between the brothers and blessed by their Mother too… It prescribed that RNRL would be supplied 28 million mmbtu gas  daily by RIL at a price of US $ 2.34/mmbtu….. Anil agreed to the split valuations which included this arrangement too…. He went ahead and got his company RNRL to enter into an agreement with his ambitious baby, Reliance Power, to in turn supply this Gas from RIL for the upcoming 7.4 GW Dadri Power Plant which is slated to be the biggest Gas based Power Plant in Asia

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IPL Cricket Stink…providing a link to some bluntness

Have a look at this link

http://www.india.com/news/india/ipl-the-rabbit-hole-runs-deep_7575 The author is aggressively forthright and blunt in putting across how he sees the IPL Mess and how it’s unfolding…a few may be conjectures at this stage…but quite plausible There are simply too many Strong Questions that remain unanswered or have unconvincingly been answered that has lead to this situation of Lalit Modi being Guilty until he’s able to prove his innocence ! I daresay that Lalit Mody is not the kingpin here…someone else is….the rot runs deep My recent Blogs on this IPL Controversy can be referred to below  Twitter Shashi Tharoor gets a Taste of Twitter Lalit Modi !  April 13,2010 Modicracy and Tharoorgate !…do you really expect them to be sacked!?….Tharoor may merely resign…Modi will not!

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Reliance Industries announces a Bonus of 1:1 !…Now ! Now ! Now !

Reliance surprised all yesterday with a post market bonus declaration of 1:1….It last gave a bonus in 1997…and before that in 1983 and 1980

Dhirubhai Ambani,the Founder was the dramatic architect for all these bonus issues…but he passed away in 2002……Investors were like Children in those days…and the father was Dhirubhai !….his bonus announcements were always dramatic…like breaking an AGM to have a board meeting to discuss Bonus and coming back to announce a 1:1 Bonus…all pre planned

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Supreme Court : RIL v/s RNRL is Ram Jethmalani v/s Harish Salve

There were 48 TV Crews at the Supreme Court this morning…..The Cameras were positioned to broadcast live sound bytes from the lawyers of RIL and RNRL

First we had a trifle agitated, Ram Jethmalani,who represented RNRL, emerging and a hectic rush to have  Mikes thrust onto him for his comments

This is what Jethmalani said,rather accused 

” The Supreme Court has not stayed the High Court Order which had favoured RNRL.The Government is a Puppet of RIL and The Oil Ministry is in the pocket of Mukesh Ambani….according to me they (RIL) cannot deal with the Gas…They (Mukesh Ambani and RIL) can go against Moral Issues and Mother’s Mandate….It is a stupid argument ( that the MOU cannot override Sovereign Interest).In a democracy and a republic there are no sovereign authorities..all authorities are bound by a court of law ” 

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