Second Budget Reaction at Market closing a few Hours later….Pranab’s Budget has shorted the Market

Pranab’s Union Budget has shorted the Market !

Ironically It’s Reliance Group Founder’s Dhirubhai Ambani’s Death Anniversary today… Arguably the Father of Indian Equity… He was the King in Capital Formation through Equity….. we probably need him to resurrect… to resurrect our Markets !… he build his flagship on scaling up a Domestic Consumption Story… we need to stimulate the same today… his vision, experience, inspiration, motivation, ideas and leadership would have helped…. You can corelate our huge Fiscal Deficit with Dependency on Oil Imports and being victimised by the huge surge in Oil last year to US $ 145/barrel…. Reliance continues to lead the way in the Private Hydrocarbons Sector in building World Class Refineries and Exploration of Oil and Gas…. Clearly it was Dhirubhai’s Vision to help make India a World Class Country and less Dependent on Oil Imports… His guidance in aiding the Government in Capital Formation through Equity would have been invaluable… He would have had the crucial retail Investors support too.

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First Reaction to Pranab Mukherjee’s Union Budget….He could have spelled it out better !

I thought I would have to repeat Benjamin Franklin’s Quote “Well Done is better then Well Said “… I had quoted this for Mamta Banerjee’s Railway Budget a few days ago

But Pranab Mukherjee’s Union Budget Speech was not even Well Said !

No Clarity or Roadmap on Disinvestment, Deficit Control and Deregulation… Clearly a ‘Left’ Hangover yet lingering, perhaps !

As I had blogged earlier, I don’t see Pranab as a Visionary or even a great Orator…. yet, I had expected him to seize this great opportunity and reveal some Intellectual Framework of Great Forward Thinking and Vision for India going Forward…… He began his speech on this note saying we have a Young India, restless, but ready to seize opportunities…. I expected the speech to unfold on this Vision… Instead he kept droning on and on and relished quoting sections and subsections in his proposals….. more strategic vision needed to be articulated

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A Weekend sandwiched between two Bong Budgets

No Disrespect,but we find ourselves sandwiched on this weekend between two Bong ‘JEE’ Budgets

From Friday’s Narrow and Metre Track Railway Budget by Mamta Baner’JEE’ , we move to Monday’s Broad Gauge Union Budget by Pranab Mukher’JEE’….gauge reference is  in context of scale and content both.

Yesterday, i.e. Friday,we had Trinamool Congress’ Mamta Banerjee,Railway Minister in this UPA Government, presenting her Railway Budget….Don’t see her as a Visionary…more aggressive and acerbic and whose acoustics and antics display asperity…all alliteration intended…I do concede she was pleasantly more mature in her delivery in the Lok Sabha yesterday…less of a Firebrand and a Firecracker that can erupt any moment…a reputation she has cultivated for herself. 

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Interim Budget announced today…confirms fears that this Pig of a growing fiscal deficit is getting hungrier!

Pranab Mukherjee,after 25 years,yet again announced our Interim Union Budget this morning….It was a fairly drab speech and clearly as general elections are fast approaching he lacked the mandate to announce big ticket reforms…..Nevertheless I was searching for some economic stimulus or some forward thinking on challenging issues…I was dissappointed….Our Political and Bureaucratic leaders simply lack that quality of  leadership and vision to take us forward 

Below is the Union Budget at a Glance…as was the fear,the revised estimates for the Fiscal Deficit in the Current ongoing year FY 09 has simply flown out of the Window…At Rs 326515 crs (US $ 67 Billion) It’s 6% of the GDP,against an earlier estimate of a controlled Rs 133287 crs (US $ 27 Billion) or 2.5% of GDP…that’s around 145% over earlier estimates…this is because of Oil surging to a high US $ 147/barrel in August 2008 from levels of below US $ 70 earlier in 2008…India Imports over 100 Million Tonnes of Crude Oil every year and the depreciating Rupee (20% in 2008) compounded the problem

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