May Day indeed for those wedded to Convention & Tradition

May Day indeed for all those wedded to Convention & Tradition !

Perhaps someone trained and educated well in the Evolution in Social Behaviour can opine on this…..

…Different Outlooks & Outcomes on Love & Relationships

….Media Reports

….YoungGen Bollywood Ranbir & Katrina are planning their Live-in Lovepad…no marriage so no divorce which arguably to many is the future tense of marriage !

….& MidGen Hritik & Suzanne have filed for an amicable Divorce after Separating in December 2013

……& OldGen Congress Veteran Digvijay Singh who lost his wife last year and DD Rajya Sabha TV Anchor Amrita Rai are in a relationship and plan to tie the knot once the latter gets her Divorce

…what happened to the good old fashioned and enduring love and Silver & Golden Anniversaries that were a given !

…and I have posted this in even the Derivatives Strategies ,Insider Trading,Investing Approaches,Investing Themes,Investor Mistakes and even SEBI !…Imagine having a Regulator for Relationships !… What an Idea ! Nah ! Not in our Indian Democracy !