TAP GAP Poser 2016 ~Brilliant Start with over 50 Stock Recos already in Six Days !

TAP GAP 2016 ~Brilliant Start with over 50 entries already in Six Days till this evening !

From as low as Rs 0.75 for Rei Agro (FV Rs 1) to Rs 3100 for Force Motors(FV Rs 10)  & across many sectors

Come on Guys ! Increase the Momentum ! Break TAP GAP record of  Entries….remember deadline is January 15,2016

Kindly do not recommend more than 3 companies and please take some trouble to give the current market price….one of you has recommended 5 companies and many have not stated current market price

Looking forward to more entries to make it more exciting and more varied a selection &  the probability of awarding more than one hamper  like  I did for 2014 !

Here’s the Link to the TAP GAP Poser blogpost of December 30,2015

TAP GAP Poser End 2015 ~Which Indian Company Will Be A Big Share Price Winner In 2016?
December 30th, 2015