Satyam Auditors, Price Waterhouse, issues a statement late today..Let’s put it in perspective

In this unfolding Satyam Saga unleashed by Chairman,Ramalinga Raju’s confession on fudging accounts for years,this evening we had their auditors,Price Waterhouse releasing a statement defending their audit of Satyam ,stating it complied with generally accepted auditing standards in India and that there was appropriate evidence to support their audit

They have also ,under the excuse of client confidentiality,refused to give more details

Come on Price Waterhouse !…what Client !? Satyam !?…legally it is the Shareholders (Satyam has over 2 lakh of them) who have reappointed you at the last AGM as the auditors…you have a fiduciary responsibility to them more than to Satyam…so hiding behind the Coat of Client Confidentiality is clearly ill- advised

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Finally Satyam’s Raju resigns shockingly admitting a massive Fraud and share price sinks from Rs 175 to Rs 50 this morning,murdering Shareholders and Capital Markets in one stroke !!!

I had told you Satyam’s Chairman Ramalinga Raju was actually Ravana and he was a goner…just read my blogs of December 17,2008 and December 19,2008…..You cannot believe this guy…he’s got a history of hoodwinking…he bought Rajesh Jain’s Indiaworld for US $ 116 Million in 2000…this was a hogwash deal only to launder Money !

Regulators Move in Now ,this very Minute, and freeze assets of Satyam to try and salvage something ! 

This morning Raju resigned and blew the Satyam share price away from Rs 175 to Rs 50 after releasing a letter claiming that he had committed a fraud and had cooked the Satyam Books for Years…There are Fictitious Assets on the book and understated liabilities of over Rs 1200 crs…There is no Cash of Rs 5000 crores as shown in the Books

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Satyam Independent Director should attend one of his own courses!

Last Night I was amused and then rather angry to hear Prof M Rammohan Rao,an Independent and Non Executive Director on the Board of Satyam Computer Services Ltd

He was defending the decision taken by them for Satyam to acquire Promoter related Maytas Companies

Menaka of CNBC TV asked him which was the lesser of the Devils

  • Entering into a secondary market deal with promoter related parties where the Satyam Monies would go to these related parties directly or
  • Infusing Capital and  Investing directly into the Maytas Companies by accquiring New Shares 

Would you believe it !…Prof Rao professed that it would not have looked good for Satyam to directly invest in the Maytas Companies !…He is of the opinion that Monies directly to Promoters Sons is a better idea ! 

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