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1 Very Fundamental & often Contrarion Guy !…About GAP…That’s Me!

Gaurav A Parikh
Gaurav A Parikh

🙂 This is me in brief & first person 

Live ~ Don’t just Exist ! ~ B+,that’s also my Blood Group ~ Began with Auditing,Accounting and Consulting with one of the Big 4 in India & Overseas before moving full time to Capital Markets ~Passionate about Equities ~ Fundamental  Equity Research & Training  in Capital Markets ~ Wealth of Mind & Wealth of Monies should Move in Tandem ~ Want to sense what’s happening on BSE & NSE and off it ! ? then connect with me or my blog with the tagline ” In India,Companies may fall sick but Promoters rarely do !” ~Buoyant ~ Enjoy Life’s Journey making Friends and Travelling ~Been There ~Done That~and even Burnt the Toast ! ~ Connect with ‘Rock On’ and ‘Zindagi Ne Milegi Dobara’ ~ Lived and Living it! ~Endeavouring to add ethical and honest value to Family and Friends and Business Clients and Associates ~ Mentoring Today’s Youth without being Judgmental while embracing the inevitable social changes

Intensely Passionate about All matters ….Equity and my blog Kids,they’ve grown up now..they’re my vital Vitamins !….Food …Swear that Cauliflower is ‘God’!…Films…Neil Diamond…Kishore Kumar…Maria Sharapova…Madhuri Dikshit….reading on philosophy…yes,I really do!….’Economist’…. Cricket…and yes also my wife !..she’s prompted me to say this!

 🙂 This is also me..well not in first person and not so brief 

Professional Profile of GAURAV A PARIKH

Here are few recent accolades for GAURAV A PARIKH

  1. May 2015 ~ Rated  One of  The Top 10 Experts on Economics & Investing in India by an Independent US Observer
  2. January 2015 ~ Featured by OUTLOOK BUSINESS as one of India’s Top Ten Stock Pickers in its special edition
  3. August 2015 onwards ~ NSE Fundamental Training Mentor Workshops
  4. December 2015 ~ Featured by OUTLOOK BUSINESS  yet  again as an ace Stock Picker as Shemaroo given as stock for 2015 in the previous year edition as above zoomed over 100% despite Sensitive Indices cracking over 5% in 2015  
  5. January 2017 ~ Third year in a row invited by Outlook Business for Stock Select for 2017 Special Edition as simply killed it in 2015 & 2016 with Shemaroo & Astec respectively and topped the ranking in both years among those invited …luck more than skills perhaps 🙂
  6. December 2017 ~ Featured in Outlook Business Special Annual Edition fourth year running 
  7. April 2019 ~Honoured to be featured for a record fifth year in a row in the Special Annual Edition of Outlook Business showcasing  some of India’s best stock pickers


GAURAV A PARIKH is the Co-Founder & Managing Director of Leading  SEBI Registered Mumbai based Fundamental Equity Research,Investment Advisory & Training Entity Jeena Scriptech Alpha Advisors Pvt Ltd .He is a Fundamental Force to reckon with in the Field of Direct Equity in Capital Markets.Based in Mumbai he can be contacted on 9820162597 or [email protected] or a visit to should you wish to explore an opportunity to seek quality equity portfolio advice & training in Capital Markets or invite him to address an audience or expound his views on discussion panels on matters related to Equity & Corporate Governance….to protect and grow wealth on portfolios…for corporate and financial  advisory on IPO Process & Pricing ,Restructuring,Valuations,Mergers and Acquisitions and Funds Mobilisation through Equity and Debt

As he loves to quote George Patton, `If everybody is thinking alike…. then somebody isn’t thinking’

His Fundamental Equity Training is very Practical & anecdotal & he sets up a warm & fun interactive ambience .As he states ” What’s Theory without Application or Academics without Action !”

It’s Legend now that his Workshops always finish overtime as participants simply don’t want to leave…often even refreshments breaks are done away with forcing service while training & interaction is on so as to keep the momentum

 Gaurav A Parikh

It is for this and more he is regarded by many as India’s leading Equity Counselor &  Trainer. His Passion for Equities, incisive analytical skills, sense of humor, top oratory skills and his remarkable ability to demystify macro and micros has seen him being voted as the best speaker at many forums in India and overseas.He is the ideal ‘Go to’ Man for both ~ Fundamental Equity Selections & Strategies for Serious Wealth Creation & Training & Mentoring in Fundamental Equity Research in Direct Equity     


A prolific blogger on matters even other than on Equity, Gaurav has developed a fan base for his where he expresses on matters even other than on  Financial & Capital Markets.He’s on LinkedIn,Twitter & Facebook too

He prefers to stay away from ‘Noise’ though has appeared a few times in the past few years on ET Now and other channels and has been quoted in leading business publications like Outlook Business and Economic Times when they sought his views on contemporary issues like the Tata Chemicals Fertiliser Buisness Valuation ,Essar Oil delisting price controversy & the lack of Corporate Governance in Sun Pharma .In fact there is no TV in his office at Horniman Circle,Fort in Mumbai  !

His anger at minority shareholders of listed companies being ‘cheated’ by promoters,often big industrial groups,has been expressed passionately through his blog & media...a recent case in point is when he lambasted the Essar Group in the media for a voluntary delisting floor price of just Rs 108 passed by the Exchanges for Essar Oil.SEBI stayed the delisting.Actual Delisting took place at over Rs 260 with a clause that shareholders will also get any incremental if Rosneft of Russia pays more to buy out Essar Oil.They did & additional Rs 70+ was paid out to shareholders.Another recent one where his fury was evident ,but Vedanta Group got away, was in the complicit gross undervaluation by leading Accounting & Auditing Firms of Sterlite Power Transmission on it’s demerger from listed Sterlite Technologies 


Gaurav has consolidated his reputation for Independent Thinking and contrarian play and astute stock selection. He is simply the best.You don’t need Insider Trading when you have him !

He is equally well known for his uncanny ability to correctly call micro and macro turnarounds and keep spotting great life changing magical Multibaggers like Wipro,Mercator and Matrix Labs in the late 1990s & start of this millenium and the later ones like NBCC, SQSBFSI (Think soft Global), Westlife Development, Tata Elxsi,IB Ventures & Bombay Dyeing and his exceptional long calls in 2005-06 on Oil and Gold as he is for his timely warning and contrarion sell calls on Stocks that Strangle like Karuturi ,Kingfisher Airlines ,Arshiya,Subex,Geodesic,Cranes Software,Kwality,JBF to mention a few


Gaurav’s scrip recommendations and his model portfolios were much sought after especially after 1992 when despite a falling Sensex post scam, his portfolio registered significant absolute returns of over 90%.

In the mid 1990’s he warned Investors not to be suckered by the IPO Craze and the Obscene Premiums

In 1997 when he visualised a tech wave unleashing, few believed him.Wipro was his big Multibagger advised in late 1997.It returned a Life Changing Return of a mindboggling 38700% in just three years !

However his faith in the Damania Group of Companies did cause heartache and heartburn! but he put this behind him with wonderful picks in Matrix Labs & Mercator.Read on….


In late 1999 and early 2000, being a teacher on Valuation of Equity,Gaurav kept calling attention to the crazy ICE (IT,Com,Entertainment) valuations… as he put it “Doodh was at Rs 40/litre and even if a Swiss Cow was giving it you should not be buying, but selling “….Doodh at the time was just Rs 20 a litre…. again few believed him and a few top mutual fund heads & leading brokers even challenged him vociferously on Panels !… The ICE Age just thawed and melted away portfolios in 2000 and 2001.

However, in late 2001 he urged intensely through several workshops for investment in equity, when as he liked to put it, “Doodh was available at Rs 5/litre and We yet kept saying Doodh main kuch kala hain”. The spectacular run that followed further consolidated his reputation for contrarian play and astute stock selection.

He has uncovered hidden stock gems waiting to be discovered that went on to be more than ten baggers

Matrix Labs advised in July 2001 gave a 12000+% return in five years !.He kept analysing this at his BSE Training Workshops prompting an ex GM of BSE,who had benefited from this advice, to hail him as such at one of BSE’s annual outstation Weekend for all Top Faculty when asking for specific Buys during one of the Sessions ” Mandir may aa kay prasad ne miley,yeh hoh hee nahi sakta!”  

Mercator given in July 2003 gave over 10000 % returns in under 5 years!

Gaurav did have some heartache too with some selections and will not hesitate to  tell you these mistakes and how he tackled these.

2008 was a Serious and Severe Reality Check when the US Investment Bank,Lehman failed…. In late 2008 and early 2009  Gaurav saw some striking similarities to late 2001… a chance again to capture alpha returns (superior and above normal) in the next three years… although there was some more pain before the gain as the Financial Earthquakes, with their epicentre in USA, shook the Global World and geo political matters played spoilers ….for example highly recommended at Rs 160 in July 2008 the high profile ,debt free,high earnings Sesa Goa  sunk to Rs 60,at earnings and book multiples below 2 and 1 respectively ! before it surged to Rs 400+ inside eighteen months


Gaurav has consolidated his reputation as one of India’s best Stock Pickers and Trainers and his Stock Selections Portfolios consistently registered  strong alpha returns that peaked at 150% in 2014 due to the likes of over 5x Multibaggers NBCC ,Tata Elxsi & SQSBFSI in them !.

This led to recognition in very endearing testimonials as well as in the Media as below

  1. May 2015 ~ Rated  One of  The Top 10 Experts on Economics & Investing in India by an Independent US Observer for all emerging markets
  2. January 2015 ~ Featured by OUTLOOK BUSINESS as one of India’s Top Ten Stock Pickers in its special edition
  3. December 2015 ~ Featured by OUTLOOK BUSINESS  yet  again as an ace Stock Picker as Shemaroo given as stock for 2015 in the previous year edition as above zoomed over 100% despite Sensitive Indices cracking over 5% in 2015  
  4. January 2017 ~ Third year in a row invited by Outlook Business for Stock Select for 2017 Special Edition as simply killed it in 2015 & 2016 with Shemaroo & Astec respectively and topped the ranking in both years among those invited …luck more than skills perhaps   🙂
  5. December 2017 ~ Featured in Outlook Business Special Annual Edition fourth year running 
  6. April 2019 ~Honoured to be featured for a record fifth year in a row in the Special Annual Edition of Outlook Business showcasing  some of India’s best stock pickers 

He leads from the front having personally obtained the NISM Certifications & scoring high in   Research Analyst & Investment Adviser Examinations 


Gaurav has shared experiences with and trained over 50000 people in several workshops and Invitational lectures in India and Overseas over the last 30 years.

Gaurav’s Fundamental Value vs Price Stock Valuation & Selection workshops are the best investment one can make as one participant commented ” learnt more in one day with Gaurav than in my three years degree course”

His Conceptualised and Conducted Fundamental & Financial Workshops attract even Heads of Research  as well as other top participants from SEBI, Mutual Funds, Corporate Houses, PSUs, Broking Houses, Retail & High Net Worth Investors and leading educational institutions and even serve as Internal Training for Leading Broking Groups and Mutual Fund Houses for their Relationship Managers, Franchisees, Staff and Business Associates all over India

Here are some of many where Gaurav has addressed and interacted with participants,often high profile, on issues ranging from the basics of Stock Markets to advanced and controversial facets of Corporate Governance, Valuation of Equity,Financial Planning and Derivatives.

  1. SBI Mutual Fund across India
  2.  Dun & Bradstreet
  3. NSE Fundamental Training
  4.  CRISIL
  5. ICICI Bank Private Global Clients Group
  6. Edelweiss Broking Group
  7. Indiainfoline Broking Group
  8. BSE Training Institute
  9. South Asia Federation of Exchanges (SAFE)
  10. Asit Mehta & Deena Mehta Broking Group across India
  11. Direct Taxes Regional Training Institute (DTRTI)
  12. Citigroup Research Asia Pacific
  13. Mumbai University
  14. Doha Stock Exchange
  15. Qatar Financial Markets Authority
  17. Rakeshh Mehta led Mehta Equities Group
  18. Andhra Pradesh Chamber of Commerce 
  19. Host of leading Educational Institutions in Mumbai  like Cathedral School, Sydenham , H R College, Podar(Golden Jubilee Lecture) and Xaviers & in the Sri Ram School in Gurgaon
  20. Host of leading Management Institutions like Sydenham (SIMSREE),NMIMS & Xaviers Institute of Management


Gaurav’s association with the BSE Training Institute ,now BTI Institute Ltd of the Bombay Stock Exchange spans over 20 years during which  he co-structured and launched the popular workshop on Fundamental Analysis and co-authored the Text for it which became a BSE Publication. His sessions on “Valuation of Equity” are entertaining as he relates true and often humorous anecdotes of companies to make a point.

His specially conceived Workshop on “Equity Portfolio Structuring and Stock Analysis” was  always eagerly awaited and attended by a full house that included Heads of Research from leading Broking Houses,Banks and Institutions.

He had also contributed in setting up the Original Question Bank for the Derivatives Test at BSE & has addressed top audiences in the nuances of Derivatives

He is invited by other forums too, to address on matters relating to the Indian Capital Markets. He was rated by a reputed business daily as a leading portfolio manager. Fund Managers, Dealers and Analysts from leading banks, Foreign Institutional Investors and brokerage houses are regular participants at his workshops.


On Invitation from NSE in July 2015, commenced much sought Rapid Series Equity Workshops from August 2015 on Interpretation of Financial Statements & Assessing Value v/s Price. They’ve gone Houseful 

A Full Day Mentoring Workshop for the Graduating PG Wealth Management Class of NSE was conducted in the NSE BKC Board Room on Saturday,October 8,2016


In 2009 ,after SEBI abolished the Entry Load ,all Mutual Funds prioritised the need for Fundamental Equity Training.At the express request of the MD of a leading Mutual Fund House,Gaurav launched a special two day workshop covering Five Financial Modules. This workshop  had a fantastic response  from  the Independent Financial Advisors over 14 such workshops conducted all over India for the Mutual Fund .

Such Workshops also received fabulous response from leading Broking Groups and Banks to serve as Internal Training for their Relationship Managers, Franchisees, Staff and Business Associates all over India

The Sessions covered the Fundamentals of Financial Planning,Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management,including Asset Allocation and Optimal Portfolio and Rebalancing, Risk and Return Definitions and Measurement and Trade off,involving Standard Deviation, Variance and Beta (Use in Hedging,Valuation and Momentum Trade) and CAPM Risk Models, Time Value of Money, Valuation of Equity (Traditional and Contemporary and Relative and Absolute  basis), Investor Mistakes, including Psychological Traps, Improper Framing, and the Reinvestment Risk,Investor Gurus, Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch and their fundas and Portfolios, Way to Rational Thinking, Market Dynamics including the FII Flows Impact and Sensex Macro Projections, US & PIIGS  Crisis, India’s Fiscal Deficit and some Interesting Angles on how to select and  view Mutual Fund performances

His Masterclass Value Vs Price Fundamental Workshops Open to the Public in the last three years from 2016 to 2018 in Mumbai & Bengaluru have had an overwhelming response & overwhelming  participants’ motivating feedback as well…Warm accolades poured in from participants who came in to these workshops from Dubai,Malaysia,Pune,Hyderabad,Thrissur,Chennai,Delhi ,Sangli,Kolhapur,Gokak & Mumbai …many repeat participants too,like one record consecutive Five Times from Thrissur & two a record four times from Dubai

Here is some of this heart warming feedback :

” power packed Saturday that I shall never forget in my life”


“Simply Great…Fantastic Programme…applaud your efforts to reach out the message to the retail mass….God Bless “


 ” Wonderful Workshop and the Speaker has an Amazing Knowledge on the subject and has made complex things very simple “ 


” Finding a multi-bagger is nice, having someone like Gaurav Parikh guide you on the journey… Priceless!”


“Jeena Scriptech has become my Jaan”


“Your Workshop is a better Wealth Creator than Insider Trading!”


“Ur our Santa sir,as long as you’re with us no need of Santa”  


“It was full of inspirations, filled with wisdom and lot of notes to take home. Thanks. I am really proud to be part of this wonderful session.”


“Blown away”


“Recreated Bengaluru Magic in Mumbai !”


“u rock!” 


Feedback from Gaurav’s other training sessions and addresses has been exceptionally kind

Sample this from the high profile  South Asia Federation of Exchanges Conference in Mauritius,attended by over 100 top delegates from over ten countries….Heads of Stock,Currency and Commodity Exchanges,High Commissioners ,CEOs of Banks and Financial Institutions...when asked by the moderator to close out his humorous address due to time constraints,all the delegates shouted out in unison for him to continue as they were enjoying it !…this is a sample of the feedback from delegates from many countries

“It was indeed a pleasure listening your views at the SAFE  conference on the capital market……it was lovely meeting you….. and knowing about your intellect and mastery in identifying value stocks and about your skills to impart training to large group  of professionals.” 

“we enjoyed your presentation and ‘mind gums’…. I have a young team here who would love to get a session from you.”

Your presentation was very good !!!”

…and this from the Independent Financial Advisors of a leading Mutual Fund on a fundamental workshop conceptualised and conducted for them across India

“Your presentation in Pune was very fantastic & the way you dealt confidently with the subject was really amazing . Well I had also started my career during Harshad Mehta time as a  sub broker but had burnt my fingers in the HM & KP era . Hence had stopped from investing in stock markets , but by hearing you ,  got impressed to start a new inning “

“….all of us in bengaluru enjoyed your session. i already had a call from my friend IFA with a request to arrange a session for KAMFA[Karnataka Association For Mutual Fund Advisors]. We look forward to meet you again asap…. you were ROCKIN…..G…All the best”

In 2018 Gaurav completes 30 years in Equity & Married Bliss with Nergis.Though to him both continue to be a humbling experience of High & Lows! that requires patience,passion and of course  ‘paisa’ to survive and enjoy not to mention loads of temperament,luck,conviction,risk assuming abilities,fundamental faith,belief & understanding!  

There are plenty more lovely testimonials from BSE & NSE Workshops like these below

“Thanks for the workshop…..try to make it available to other cities too. I came from Patna just for this training”

“….even those 7 hours seemed like few minutes as all of us were so engrossed in workshop time just flew by.Gaurav has his numbers / opinions/ facts right on fingers, has opinion on any stock that came into discussion.The biggest value I got from Gaurav’s workshop is it completely changed my perspective of looking at “Value”. I learned that Value needs to be looks with respect to the Price. Which enabled me to think is the value already been priced or not. Which is what he meant by “Value v/s Price”. Earlier I used to think of Value in isolation”

“Another great learning was, Top Down approach of Picking the potential business. All the while I been doing a “Bottom-up” approach but it was enlightening to see how does the three Is (Interest, Inflation, Interest) have impact on a certain Sector at a Point in time”

“Overall, it was absolutely UNDERVALUED Workshop with massive value on table “


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