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Book Review for Outlook Business :100 Baggers~by Christopher Mayer

Hey ! my book review of Christopher Mayer’s ” 100 Baggers : Stocks that return 100-1 & how to find them “  now features online on Outlook Business....just also happily observed that  Stock Select for 2016  published in December 2015 is trending  online as the No 1 most popular read on Outlook Business this year !….surely because  Stock Select for 2015 ,Shemaroo @ Rs  159 given in December 2014 has rocketed over 100% inside a year & a half to current Rs 325+ levels …quite aware that if this year’s Select does not Click in the years ahead that ‘100 baggers’ will be read without the 1 !    🙂 

For want of Magazine Space the book review in print is a much truncated & edited version

For Full Flavour do check out my full review produced verbatim below :


Book Review by Gaurav A Parikh,MD of Jeena Scriptech Alpha Advisors Pvt Ltd

Book  : 100 Baggers ~ Stocks that return 100-to-1 & how to find them

Author : Christopher W Mayer

Publisher : Laissez Faire Books

Published in : 2015

“ You make more money by sitting on your ass”

The author Chris Mayer could not have been more blunt in quoting Fund Manager, Martin Whitman

You need to Buy Right and Sit Tight for Years & Years & Years for that 100 Bagger .How do you Buy Right!? That’s the 100 Bagger Question Chris attempts to answer

 My own experience of 100 Baggers leads me to pat Chris on the back.To give you some sense  my three 100 Baggers Wipro,Mercator & Matrix Labs(now delisted as sold to Mylan) on which I had reinforced my credibility and standing had returned  respectively 38700% inside three years,12000% inside 5 years and 10000 % inside 4.5 years.But sadly not all took the full ride!.It’s like I confess at Training Workshops is akin to Boarding  a Train from Mumbai Central to Ahmedabad  but getting off at Borivali!

Make no mistake! This book by Chris Mayer is not  for those who seek  Instant 100-to -1 multi-bagger Success by investing in Stocks.Such 100-to-1 odds are available real time at Wealth Destroying Casinos round the world!

Chris dedicates his Book to Thomas W Phelps,the first author of  the first book on 100-Baggers

His inspiration to pen this book trails back a few years to  a Conference in 2011 where the great Investor ,Chuck Akre  made mention in his address of having read in 1972 the  Barron’s Reviewed  Book ‘100 to 1 in the Stock Market’  by Thomas Phelps which focused on compounding capital.Legendary Investor Peter Lynch talked of ten baggers but here was Thomas Phelps talking of 100 baggers ! read more

It is a S Day alright…Sunday Newspapers to Sanjaya Baru Controversial Book to Ss in the Premier League Derby

🙂 It is a S Day alright…Sunday Newspapers to Sanjaya Baru’s Controversial Book to all the S’s in the Premier League Derby

Sunday Newspapers

Began with devouring the Sunday Newspapers with my Sunday Norm South Indian Masala Dosas and Sambhar at Sonarica Home

Emailed four interesting ‘Reads’ to my Family as below that began with a Sunday Quote

Life is about creating yourself, not finding yourself — George Bernard Shaw

1 Travel

Sunday Mumbai Mirror ~ Travel Column by 29 year old Marketing Executive Vahishta Mistry ~ he sold off all his possessions and set out to explore the world…he writes about Koh Chang,a an island in Thailand and the uncrowded beaches on the eastern side where he spend the night in a beach tent and went diving

2 A Young Thoughtful Mind Lost forever

Boston Globe ~ ‘The Opposite of Loneliness’ is a Book penned by Marina Keegan who graduated from Yale as a 22 year old in 2012 and died five days after graduating in a car accident….She had explored India to observe the spread of Humanism….Her Words Live on as she Sought Meaning over Money

An absorbing article on her is also in today’s Sunday Edition Page 18 of the Times of India

3 Digital Reconstruction of a 400 Million Year Old Fossil Plant

Sunday Mid-Day Page 13 ~ A Biology & Paleontology Graduate Jeff Benca of the Department of Integrative Biology and Museum of Paleontology,UC ,Berkeley reconstructs a plant thought to be long extinct

4 The Speaking Tree ~ Go Vegan for World Peace

Times of India ~ The Speaking Tree Supplement ~Go Vegan for World Peace

 Sanjaya Baru’s Controversial Book ‘The Accidental PM’

Then it was over an Hour at Crossword in Kemps Corner in South Mumbai to pick up two Books…. Sanjaya Baru’s Controversial Book ‘The Accidental PM’ that has been smartly timed to launch during Elections…his inside story in the PMO as UPA 1’s Media Advisor to the PM…he reveals how the PM has virtually no say in UPA 2 Government with Sonia Gandhi deciding on much….was told the book was fast selling out and only four copies were left…sure there will be a reprint …if I find it’s worth reviewing  then plan to blog it later…..the second ‘FlashBoys’ by Michael Lewis has been released overseas last week but the copies should be available in India by April 15,2014 was told…Lewis blasts High Speed Trading that has actually rigged Wall Street read more

Greg Mckeown author of ~The Disciplined Pursuit of Less~ Top 3 Networking Mistakes

Came across an interesting take on why Networking Gatherings can be either great or really bad ~ shallow,stressful and unsatisfying

This is an observation,view and experience shared by Greg Mckeown author of ~The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

He speaks of the classic top 3 Networking Mistakes that capable people make

  1. Exchanging too many Business Cards…they become meaningless…you won’t remember them and they you ! ~ instead one genuine relationship formed is worth a fistful of business cards
  2.  Mindful Listening ~ Most look over people’s shoulders while in a conversation ~ when the person you are conversing with realises you are actually listening and focusing on him or her the bonding is faster and leads to a meaningful relationship
  3. Playing out FOMO rather than JOMO ~ One wants to attend everything and meet everyone ! for the Fear Of Missing Out ! …just taking time off or concentrating on what really is of interest to you is engaging in the more meaningful and satisfying Joy Of Missing Out ! ~ it gives one the space to relax,talk without an agenda and scheduled content and can spark out spontaneous ideas and forge deeper relationships

Have attended quite a few boring networking seminars where ‘what’s for Lunch?’ seems to be the highlight !

But they’re a few I have quite enjoyed as the interaction was often one to one and I have been able to forge meaningful relationships…an interesting one was a high profile SAFE Conference in Mauritius ~ 100 top professionals heading regulatory,broking ,exchanges and bank entities across 20 nations…some where even governors of their central banks and consulate generals…..the first day itself was becoming a drag and a monotony although the speaker list was impressive but the delivery was not !…..mid way I just took off on a solo sail in the Indian Ocean ! and took a pic too and blogged it and carried it in my presentation at the Conference the next day and was overwhelmed by the response to the humorous presentation…grew my reputation multifold and made a lot of friends that day across nations  and received many invitations to speak and hold workshops in many nations …two broking houses offered me to name my price to join them urgently and head their fundamental research and client servicing operations !…like they needed me ‘yesterday’ they said ! …got invited and featured on a TV Discussion on Foreign Exchange REER Rates and Impacts

SAFE Sailing High in Mauritius

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

I ran out of Business Cards here ! but for once it was a meaningful exchange…also made it a point to actually have fruitful one to one chats with many participants except those who I had found rather pompous and presumptious…especially one who was skilled at his domain but had the audacity to ridicule on content and lambast an elderly and respected previous speaker on the manner of his delivery…not done at all… I quite connect with what Greg Mckeown expresses as Essentialism

Though let me confess ! I too have been accused of  exceeding time given to me because I have so much to tell and cover !…even in this Mauritius Conference the coordinator had to intervene to say I had exceeded the time but the 100 participants simply shouted him down exclaiming “let him go on!..for once we are enjoying this conference !” read more

Reclaim Your Life Now !

Reclaim Your Life Now !

What inspired me to blog this on a lovey cool Sunday Morning were two interesting news articles today ~ one in the Sunday Mid-Day and one in the Mumbai Mirror

Sunday Mid-day : Smartphones: The new homebreakers ~ Imagine waking up and hugging your phone instead of your children or spouse just to check if you missed any calls or messages or emails while you slept at night ! ~ Get a Life Guys ! ~ just junk your Smartphone and go back to one that allows you only to simply make or receive calls and sms and throws in a games like building bricks ! ~ “But Dad ! you send me a Smiley Hug everyday from your Smartphone !” retorted my Son  ~ “That’s different Son,I use it well ! and how else can I hug you when you go and come at odd hours  as an upcoming Sound Engineer !” I justified

Mumbai Mirror : ‘I had played far too long with money’ ~ This is about a Share Broker Shripal Morakhia of SSKI (Sharekhan) who exited to IDFC and Citibank believing that Financials Services is the worst business to be in ~ no matter if you’re good or bad,finally greed takes over !  ~ Loves Mumbai and it’s pulse,just like I do, but says he would not like his grandchildren to stay here as it’s a decaying city ! ~There is more than a modicum of Truth in what he believes in !

Also Inspiring and makes me feel warm and nice are good English Romantic Comedies ~ am a sucker for these~ and simply love this TV Channel ‘Romedy Now’ that airs them ~ saw two back to back day before night ‘Hall Pass’ (2011) starring   Owen Wilson, Jason Sudeikis, Stephen Merchant, Jenna Fischer and Christina Applegate and ‘The Ugly Truth’ (2009) starring Kathrine Heigl and Gerard Butler

Had a  good Sunday Early Morning Walk  in our Building Garden listening to ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’ and other great Music ~ Amusingly a Pug from my Building wanted to walk with me ! despite it’s young owner coaxing it to move into the Car to be taken for his walk elsewhere ! he finally had to carry the dog into the car!

Came back home to  lovely Old Hindi Songs on FM and Hot Masala Dosas with Steaming Sambhar for Breakfast which has become our  Sunday Norm now

Alright so  I eat  Dosa with a Knife and Fork ! ~ Don’t chuckle or snigger ! ~ Learn how to from me ! ~ my wife thinks I’m mad and I must reveal this was the reason of our first post marriage argument on our honeymoon in Pahalgam after I ate a Gujarati Thali with my hands ! ~ her sarcasm,she calls it wit, spilled over  ” Why don’t you eat the Thali with a Fork and Knife !” read more

Outlook Business Magazine carries My Book Review of ~Screw Business As Usual~ by Richard Branson

“Capitalism 24902” and “Gaia Rocks!” and “doing good is good for business”…read on….

Outlook Business Magazine May 25,2013 Edition  carries My Book Review of ~Screw Business As Usual~ by Richard Branson

Unedited Review  Featured  on my company website earlier  too  as linked below

Richard Branson’s ‘Screw Business As Usual’ is fairly interesting but not as racy and peppy as his earlier books

Cheers !

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