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BCCI & IPL~Both a Farce & have to Go if Cricket has to Live!

BCCI & IPL~Both a Farce & have to Go if Cricket has to Live!

Make no Mistake ! I’ve been Cricket Crazy and an Addict of the game since the time I was born! and have overlooked many sporadic instances of Fixing in the past few decades until IPL was conceived!

In 2008/9 I must have been one of a minority in this cricket crazy nation who had predicted how IPL will mess up cricket big time

I was right

Of course Cricket needs to be entertaining to flourish but when it becomes just one big IPL ‘Tamasha’ it ceases to be Cricket

The Money  in the Game has become  Obscene &  this has made Many Obscene ~ Cricketing Countries & their Legends of the Game have bowed to BCCI putting ‘Paisa’ before ‘Pride’  supposedly in the interest of globalising the game….for that matter even those who formed and played in a IPL rival league in India have been gained over!


If Cricket has to win then both BCCI and IPL have to go ! ~ We all know this ! but we also know this will not happen!

The rot runs right from the Top and how can even the Supreme Court expect that they clean up their Act! ~ you’re asking the people who have done it to catch those who have done it or see it’s not done again!

While all are going gaga over Justice Lodha’s Verdict banning two IPL franchise owners(one pretends he isn’t) for life and suspending their two teams for two years,I’m shocked that the Verdict did not throw both teams out for good and instructed to investigate all  involved,especially players,of these franchises.

When the Apex Court sits on judgement on the bigger issues in Cricket,I hope  they will order that BCCI be dissolved by the Government and a new Cricketing Body be formed with Politicians & even those legendary and other cricketers currently on BCCI payrolls as coaches and consultants and commentators who have shamelessly kept quiet on all wrongdoings be kept out completely from the Administration of the Game….and stop worshiping such ex players as God! 

Wishful thinking as Politicians across Parties today rule  BCCI and the State Cricketing Bodies

Looks like every Cricket Game I do see will be ‘Fixed’ Eyes ~ Guilty till proven Innocent ! …you may well ask then why see it!…Yet need to get fully deaddicted from the game but should get there soon if matters continue like they do…..but one thing i can definitely do is to stop viewing and listening to  the vested ‘Sicko’ Panelists who keep appearing ad nauseam on TV Debates defending the indefensible and believing themselves too !     read more

Wednesday Morning ~ Sombre Thoughts on 26/11 & Dangers of Cricket

Got up early this Wednesday morning with some Sombre Thoughts on 26/11 & the Dangers of Playing Cricket on & off the Field……

26/11 ~ Six Years ago on November 26,2008 on this very Day which too happened to be a Wednesday, Mumbai was shaken to it’s core by a Terrorist Attack on South Mumbai Targets that killed 164 & wounded 308 and scarred Millions of Mumbaikars…among those killed were quite a few known to my family and me….Praying for all & hope such a tragedy never occurs again

Cricket ~ Danger on the Playing Field ~Phil Hughes the South Australian Opening Batsman was felled by a Bouncer at the SCG and is in a Coma & on Life Support…fervently praying for him

…brought alive a Memory of the mid 1980s when I was just 23 and in Bahrain and while bowling at the Bahrain  Sports Club (now Indian Club) Practice Nets on a Matted Pitch I broke the Nose of a team mate who was batting…he bled profusely and had to fly to Mumbai for Surgery …he was really good about it…God Bless him…all rallied around me to say it was not my fault though I was feeling terrible and must have profusely apologised a million times…can really understand how Sean Allott,the NSW Bowler who bowled that Bouncer to Phil Hughes must be feeling right now…much worse than even I did

Danger off the Playing Field….also aghast at the dangers off the Cricketing Pitch that BCCI’s behaviour & Actions have raised to a feverish Pitch and Supreme Court has had to step in…There is Corruption in the Game we Know….Matches are Fixed we know…Betting is Rampant we know…Clear Conflict of Interest Exists we know….Yet these BCCI B@#$%^&* continue to behave without basic morals  and without shame …there continues political patronage and godfather rules….even Mudgal Committee has exposed a Pandora Box in a report that is yet to be made public…Why has BCCI postponed it’s AGM again and again only to facilitate N Srinivasan who remains under cloud ? Why are so many State Cricketing Bodies supporting N Srinivasan despite knowing it is wrong to do so !? Why are Stalwarts Ex  Test Cricketers & Commentators keeping silent in this unholy mess!? Clearly their Bread is buttered by being on BCCI Payrolls !….Why are Top Indian Cricketers being shielded and continue to don the India Cap despite their wrongdoings !? Why is Supreme Court not yet naming these Cricketers named in the Mudgal Report !?…we all know who they are but till names are released all Cricketers will be viewed with suspicion….The Game of Cricket is bigger than the Cricketers who play it read more

Take a Bow Yuvi as India lose World T 20 Finals

Take a Bow Yuvi…only to apologise…. as India lose World T 20 Finals

Make no mistake …I’m a great fan of Yuvraj…but I also believe one cannot rest on past laurels….India will not let him forget today

Sri Lanka had the fire and passion to win today and they did to lift the World Cup T 20 defeating India in Dacca

Right from the start nothing went right for India as they lost the toss and were put into bat by Malinga when Dhoni said he would have also preferred to chase

India managed to score just 13o for 4 in the 20 overs with not a single boundary of the last 27 balls !

Why? Prime reason was that the in form Virat Kohli who was on 70+ then in just 56 balls faced just 8 or 9 balls of the last four overs of which we scored just 19….in fact only 15 came of the last three…who was the culprit here ? Yuvi…he was at the crease from the 11th over to the beginning of the 19th over scoring just 11 of 22 balls ! he just could not connect !…a bad cricketing sense not accepted nor expected at this top level…Dhoni faced most of the last two overs and Raina did not even come in to bat and was left frustrated as was all of India

Thank God Virat did not repeat history…he averages just 25 when India bats first in a  T 20 and over 70 when we chase….today he scored over 70 at more than a run a ball and his aggregate of 319 in this ICC T 20 World Cup made him the Man of the Tournament

Some consolation as India won five matches on the trot easily only to be easily defeated in the Final today with 13 balls yet to be bowled!

Cannot blame Dhoni here except I thought in form Raina should have come in two down ahead of Yuvi…we were clearly short by 20 runs at least and could not defend 130…150 would have seen a match on ! and not a one sided affair

Remember that Sri Lanka has shown fire in their belly in this tournament….they defended a low score of 119 against New Zealand to enter the Semis when their spinner Rangana Herath playing his first match in this tournament took a match winning 5 for 3 in 3.3 overs ….sadly our spinners Ashwin or Mishra or even Jadeja could not bowl such a match winning spell in the Finals !…Dhoni tried six bowlers in the first 9 overs !

Sri Lanka deserved to win…Congratulations to them and Malinga

Now we have four different countries as T 20 World Champions in the four World Cu[p T 20 Editions till date

Now we have IPL in the UAE ! Well Done BCCI for ‘Fixing’ this ! read more

India are to enter World Cup T 20 Finals after South Africa plan a Semi Finals walkover

India are to enter World Cup T 20 Finals after South Africa plan to give them a walkover in the Semis

This is historic ! as it has never happened before !…unprecedented!

India as Group 2 Winners were to play Group 1 Second Placed  South Africa in the second Semi Finals on April 4,2014

South Africa Team Management has been instructed by their Board to give a walkover to India as the Indian Cricket Board BCCI withdrew their proposal to play the first half of  IPL 7  in South Africa in April and May 2014 and which is now scheduled for Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah….this will deprive South Africa of making half a billion dollars in profits

I’ve told you before Honey ! that Cricket’s all about Money !

Sachin ! Sachin ! ~ What a Lovely and Emotional Farewell Speech by Sachin Tendulkar at Wankhede today


Sachin Tendulkar’s Lap of Honour courtesy Teammates at Wankhede on November 16,2013 on his Retirement

What a lovely Emotional Farewell Speech straight from the Heart by Sachin Tendulkar just past Noon today to the Thousands at Wankhede and to the Many Friends and Family and Others who have supported his Cricketing journey last 29 years since he was 11 years old

Some Gems from him today….he acknowledged and paid Tribute to all but yet apologised at the end if he had missed mentioning some !

For his Father ~ “First, my father, he passed away in 1999. He was the very key for my career. he gave me freedom, chase your dreams and don’t find shortcuts. He also told me to be a nice human being”…I remember he rushed back from England for a day for the funeral and returned to score a Century which he dedicated to his Father

For His Mother ~  My mother, I don’t know how she dealt with such a naughty like guy me. She took care of me to be healthy. She started praying for me even before I started my career and I think those prayers gave my strength”….Amazingly his Mother had never seen Sachin Play till his last and 200th Test Match where she was brought on a Wheelchair and special arrangements were made for her

For his Aunt & Uncle ~ “In my school days, I used to stay with my uncle and aunt as my school was far away. They treated me like their son. They gave me enough food that I can play well”

For his Elder Brother ~ ” My eldest brother, he used to tell me, I know you’d do everything right and I have the confidence in you”

For his Sister ~ “My sister, she gave my the first bat for me. A Kashmir Willow bat. She continues to fast when I bat”

For his Other Brother Ajit ~“Ajit, I don’t know what do I talk about him. It all started from the age of 11, he took to Achrekar sir my coach. And my life changed. Even last night, he called me and we were discussing my dismissal. Various things we agreed upon, my technique. I have had a lot of chat with him. If I had not done that, I would have been a lesser cricketer”

For his Wife Anjali ~” The most important that happened to me was in 1991, when I met my wife Anjali. I know she was a doctor. When we decided to make it a family, she said, you continue with your cricket and I’ll take care of the family. Without that I think I couldn’t have played so much cricket. Thank you for all that you’ve done and it is the best partnership I’ve had in my life”…….It had Anjali fighting back tears in vain in this overwhelming declaration of love for her read more

What A Inspiring Childrens Day with two Indian Sporting Legends at Play in Chess and Cricket ~ Vishwanathan Anand in Chennai and Sachin Tendulkar in Mumbai

What A Inspiring Thursday,November 14,2013  ! It’s Children’s Day

Happy Childrens Day

Inspiring for Children and even all of us ~ We have Two Indian Sporting Living and Playing Legends currently at Play in Two ‘C’s ~ Chess & Cricket …Vishwanathan Anand tied at 2 all with four Draws battling Magnus Carlson for the World Champion Title in Chess in Chennai and Sachin Tendulkar battling the West Indies while playing his last and 200th Test Match in Mumbai

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