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Q&A Outlook Business~Dont See Elections as a Risk Factor for Indian Equities~See Value Pockets across Sectors

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Some of you may be interested in this ~ It’s a brief video Interview that Outlook Business has carried on their website  & on YouTube this month April 2019 & which can be viewed below reflecting my views on :

  • Lok Sabha Elections that have commenced~ don’t see them a as a risk factor for Indian Equities
  • Value Pockets across Sectors,PSUs too
  • A convincing real estate play ~ if inclined,do also read the detailed coverage  here 

Wishing all of you a profitable Financial Year 2019-20 after a roller coaster emotional FY 2018-19 for most who lived a disconnect between  Sensex & Nifty seeking record highs  & Small & Mid Caps giving up significant gains in quick time too

Cheers !

Wealth Destroyers as Potential Multibaggers~ Mumbai Equity Workshop Sat June 17 2017

Wealth Destroyers as Potential Multibaggers~ Announcing a Full Day Mumbai Fundamental Equity Workshop on Saturday, June 17 2017 

🙂 This time in this Stock Selection ~Value Vs Price Workshop have kept an exciting Theme :


As Limited Seats would advice to Book Your Seat right away here =>

Plan to cover over 25 Wealth Destroyers to assess any Turnaround Value vs Price & thus a chance to redeem themselves and become Wealth Creators from here… or should just one move on in many of such Wealth Destroyers that are now beyond redemption

Here’s what some participants said of the December 2016 Mumbai Fundamental Workshop on Stock Selection : Value Vs Price…and this was before IB Ventures zoomed 7 x in months from Rs 20 to Rs 140 & HOV doubled in the same time to cross Rs 300… we had covered both these & more in Earnings & Asset Basis Valuation exercises

“Amazing… Awesome Session about Fundamental Stock Selection & Wealth Creation ”

“Full of Inspiration, filled with wisdom…. am really proud to be a part of this wonderful session”

 & from a repeat participant “recreated the same old magic of Bangalore in Mumbai… great Saturday”  

Would love to interact with you ~ So do invest one Saturday ,June 17, 2017 with me in my Mumbai Fort Office near BSE and above Starbucks & Croma

Register here =>

Here’s the Detailed Template of this Workshop if you want more details on coverage


🙂 See you Saturday, June 17, 2017 at my Mumbai Fort Office Conference Room… we’ll figure out if Suzlon will continue to be ZZZZZlon!  & dissect many such Wealth Destroyers!

Cheers !

Wow ! Brian Chesky of Airbnb on what it took & takes !

Wow ! Brian Chesky of Airbnb on what it took & takes !

A Class in Stanford recently that  was an interview by Reid Hoffman of Brian Chesky — the founder and CEO of Airbnb.

Airbnb Founder Brian Chesky in conversation


Inspiring Takeaways from this Interview in a Class at Stanford

A number of people have told me that Airbnb is the worst idea that has ever worked

Before Airbnb I was different than most tech founders because I went to art school at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and studied industrial design.

My parents were both social workers and when I told them I was going to art school they were sure I was going to move back home. My parents always told me if I got a job I should make sure I got one with health insurance. That was the extent of my perceived ambitions.

 However at RISD they told you because you were a designer, you could change things — that I could go out and do and change anything I wanted to do.

After school I got a job and one of my college friends Joe Gebbia kept trying to convince me to leave my job and move to San Francisco to do a startup. We had no idea what we wanted to do but we knew we wanted to do something. When I told my roommates I was leaving they thought I was crazy and needed an intervention.

At the time, I had $1,000 in my bank account and I drove to SF, this was in 2007. Upon arriving to San Francisco I had learned my portion of rent for the place we had was $1,200 so I literally didn’t have enough to pay rent. 

we had no money — so what if we created a bed and breakfast for the design conference. The problem with this idea was we didn’t have any beds — however we did have 3 inflatable air beds. This is where we came up with the name “Air bed and breakfast” and our first site

The core idea was — what if you could book someone’s home just like you could book a hotel room, anywhere in the world.

We didn’t have this flash of inspiration that Air bed and breakfast was going to be huge. In fact we started building a different product — a roommate search tool. We worked on this for 4 months and then realized “” had already built this service. I couldn’t believe how much time we wasted on this before checking the URL

I learned that being an entrepreneur and being unemployed is just a difference in mindset

One thing I learned is, big ideas sound stupid in the beginning. I’ve always heard that if your idea is any good there is no problem with sharing it because people will dismiss it. Many ideas come from solving your own problem which aren’t life changing problems — but these ideas could potentially become life changing ideas. read more

Cafe Coffee Anyone ! ? ~ Successful IPO at Rs 328 ~ Awaiting Listing

I’m sure most of us have had a Coffee at one of the Chain Outlets of Cafe Coffee Day (CCD)

It’s parent Company Coffee Day Enterprises Ltd (CDEL) just concluded a successful IPO and fixed the IPO price at the upper band of Rs 328

Most had recommended to avoid the Issue as the Pricing was very High

I  hold a contrary opinion and had recommended the Issue but not as a Stag as there does exist the risk of listing gains not being available

Here are some relevant extracts from the IPO note prepared by us


Subscribe but not as a Stag ~You Need Not Sit Out !

Sitting Outside a Cafe Coffee Day Outlet

Further Lowering of Debt will significantly transform the Financials Dynamics ~ Low Floating Stock ~ It’s Not an Offer For Sale ~ 16.73 % Equity Stake in listed Mindtree worth @ Rs 2000 crs currently
Immediate Risk : Listing Gains may not be available as IPO Pricing is perceived to be on the higher side

Five Positives in our View

1. Huge Brand Recall & therefore Significant Brand Value ~ CDEL,through its subsidiary, operates the popular Cafe Coffee Day Chain of 1538 stores across 219 cities with a 46% Market Share.It has been recognised as the second best Indian Brand.This Intangible Asset is not in the Books but clearly is in the Premium sought in the IPO Pricing of Rs 316 to Rs 328

2. CDEL has a 16.73 % (10.41 % directly and 6.32% through 88.97% owned subsidiary Coffee Day Trading Ltd) Non Promoter Equity Stake in the listed Software Company Mindtree which is worth @ Rs 2000 crs based on Share Price of Mindtree ~ if monetised it will make CDEL free of net debt instantly and add Rs 250 crs + to bottomline on interest saved=> that’s an incremental EPS of Rs 12 itself !.CDEL had a net consolidated debt of Rs 2864 crs at December 31,2014. Mindtree quoted @ Rs 1400 (FV Rs 10) with a Market Cap @ Rs 12000 crs has just declared a very good Q 2 FY 16 with a Networth as on September 30,2015 of Rs 2243 crs and Book of Rs 267 and Annualised EPS of Rs 70 giving a PBV & PE of 5.25 and 20 respectively.It has also declared a 40% Interim Dividend. Share Price of Mindtree has gained @ 20% thus far in 2015 and holds potential for more

3. The CDEL IPO of Rs 1150 crs is a full fresh issue of Equity Shares and there is no offer of sale from Promoters and other Shareholders.Have a look below at the Pedigree of Non Promoter Shareholders and their pre IPO holdings and cost in CDEL

4. The IPO of Rs 1150 crs has already attracted 17 well known Anchor Investors who have committed Rs 334 crs at Rs 322

5. The IPO comprises just over 17% of post IPO Equity Capital of Rs 206 crs and implies limited floating stock read more

Yeah ! Finally Announcing the Three Winners of TAP GAP Poser end 2013 ~Which Indian Company will be a Big Share Price Winner in 2014?

😆 Yeah ! Finally Announcing the Three Winners of 

TAP GAP Poser end 2013 ~Which Indian Company will be a Big Share Price Winner in 2014?

😀 Congratulations to VEJ,ROHIT and RR for JM Financial @ Rs 29,Delta Corp @ Rs 105 and Polaris @ Rs 141 respectively


Scrip Selected




JM Financial

@ Rs 29

currently yet

@ Rs 28/29


  A Banking Licence if granted early this year (strong probability, already taken as given in Banking Circles) will be a huge Game Changer and move the Price up smartly in 2014 


Annual Subscription to Scrip Sanctuarries Equity Advisory Web Plan H on worth Rs 5000


XL gauravblog Hamper


Dinner Invite in Mumbai


Delta Corp

@ Rs 106

currently up

@ Rs 116/117

Is already a Profitable Player in the Entertainment (Three Gambling Casinos  in Goa) & Hospitality Sector and the huge Daman Venture is to kick off this year first as a Hotel and then Other Operations that include Gambling ~ Non Linear Growth Potential beginning in 2014 itself    


XL gauravblog Hamper


Dinner Invite in Mumbai



@ Rs 141

currently up

@ Rs 145/146

Has restructured Operations into five Divisions each headed seperately ~ Exciting Scale Growth Potential as Obama’s Compulsory Healthcare for all kicks in this year in USA ~ Price will zoom overnight if and when it hawks of it’s Services Business like it’s endeavouring to do


L gauravblog Hamper


Dinner Invite in Mumbai

🙄 Phew ! it was a Tough but Educating and Interesting Exercise to finalize the Top 3 as above from the 58 Scrip Responses

The Shortlisted Scrips that just missed the Winners List are IDFC,Cera Sanitaryware ,VST Tillers and Insecticides

My Team & I went through the Pedigree, Potential,Performance  & Price Data of all 58 scrips and our first shortlist of 20 scrips were profiled into three categories as below

  1. Scrips that will suit all Risk Profiles ~ these included Godrej Properties,IDFC ,Repco Home Finance,VST Tillers and Tata Global
  2. Scrips that have Moderate Risk ~ these included Persistent Systems,Symphony,GPPL,Cera Sanitaryware,Indoco Remedies and Insecticides
  3. Scrips that may have Aggressive Beta or game changing situations in 2014 ~ these included JM Financial, Delta,YBrant, Liberty Shoes,Polaris,Helios & Matheson,Shilpa Medicare,AVT Natural and J B Chemicals

The TAP POSER had not laid down any conditions on Profiles suitability or Asset Allocation and suitable Exposure of the selected scrip in the Equity Segment or whether Scrip Prices can be manipulated to Highs but we did examine these possibilities

You will observe the Winners are all from the third category as they hold better potential to be the highest % gainers in 2014

😯 Our Assumption is that 2014 will maintain a Bullish Momentum going into the Year and Aggressive Beta Scrips or those that can have game changing scenarios in 2014 will be positioned to score well in 2014 ~ and so though all  58 scrip responses may have good potential in the next three years we were focussing on which has the potential to gain in 2014 itself

We also  examined the following situations :

  1. Whether the Scrip Potential is already well reflected in the Current Share Price
  2. Whether there is Potential Game changing Scenario or Non Linear Revenue & Earnings Growth in 2014 itself
  3. Scrip is too Risky even for Aggressive Profiles and can get decimated
  4. Corporate Governance Issues that may create strong hurdles to any Potential Share Price Appreciation
  5. What are the Trading Volumes levels and scope for manipulation

For all the other 55 Scrips that don’t feature in the Winners List I just have one Prayer for these ~ hope they do become strong Winners in 2014 and if any one of these have gained the highest in 2014 in % terms eclipsing even those declared as the three winners above, it too will be declared a Winner and the participant/s who submitted this Winner will be entitled to a gauravblog hamper and dinner in January 2015 ! as long as the Participant is not Vej or RR who are already Winners for one of their four Scrips each that they responded on this Poser

Here there is a good chance that low priced Scrips like JHS Svendgaard at Rs 6/7 (same currently) from RR and YBrant at Rs 7 (up on 2% upper circuits every day and at Rs 9.65 today) from Anand may just become huge gainers in 2014 as they believe they would

Thanks Hemant for requesting me to revive TAP GAP Poser with this Poser and Thanks to all of you who participated and made it really a successful exercise

Winners are being emailed individually by me

Now await the next TAP GAP Poser ! ~ Any suggestions what should it be ? ~ just  let me know on the blog itself  under any recent blogpost,including this one !

😆 Reiterating Congratulations to VEJ,ROHIT and RR for JM Financial @ Rs 29,Delta Corp @ Rs 105 and Polaris @ Rs 141 respectively read more

November 2013 Posts in three Free Access Modules ~ Scrip Standpoint ~One Company under Scrip Tease ~19 Companies under Scrip Watch

Check these November 2013 Posts on our Website in the various Free Access Modules

Scrip Standpoint Module ~ Four Week Ending Posts and Four Specific Posts 

Scrip Tease Module ~ One Company

Scrip Watch Module ~19 Companies ~ These are not committed SS Selects that Clients have access to in Other Modules 

  • Lupin @ Rs 853 ~ ‘Lupin’ Good ! ~ Pin Up Pharma Poster Scrip Maybe ! ~ 28-Nov-2013
  • Technocraft Industries @ Rs 103 ~ The Best is Yet to Come says the Company ~ but will it!? ~ 27-Nov-2013
  • Redington India @ Rs 68.55 ~ Riding on Apple!? ~ 25-Nov-2013
  • Max India Ltd @ Rs 200 ~ Revives halfway between 52 Week High/Low ~ 22-Nov-2013
  • Jubilant Life Sciences Ltd @ Rs 119 – Price Surges on Delisting News ~ 22-Nov-2013
  • Sintex @ Rs 30 ~ Poised for a Turnaround? ~ 21-Nov-2013
  • Sobha Developers @ Rs 312 ~ Better Positioned than Peers ~ 21-Nov-2013
  • IL&FS Transportation @ Rs 117 ~ Sluggish Relative Valuations in a Sluggish Scenario ~ 20-Nov-2013
  • JP Associates @ Rs 49.6 ~ Building market expectations! ~ 19-Nov-2013
  • OCL@ Rs 139.55~Dalmias Cementing Stake Steadily ~ 18-Nov-2013
  • Coal India @ Rs 274 ~ Q2 Result Update ~ 16-Nov-2013
  • Heritage Foods @ Rs 181 ~ Profitable Dairy Segment but Loss making Retail Segment ~ 15-Nov-2013
  • Aurobindo Pharma @ Rs 282 ~ Yet Valued at a Discount To Peer Group despite Good Growth Potential ~ 14-Nov-2013
  • Suven Life Sciences @ Rs 69.9 ~Sixfold Rise in Q2FY14 PAT ~ What else lies ahead! ~ 13-Nov-2013
  • Ashok Leyland @ Rs 15.25 ~ Sliding Through Tough Times ~ 12-Nov-2013
  • Mangalore Chemicals @ Rs 53.3 ~ Juggling with Control Issues ~ 11-Nov-2013
  • Ashoka Buildcon @ Rs 53 ~ On Reformatory Roads ~ 06-Nov-2013
  • Oriental Carbon and Chemicals @ Rs 117 ~ Does it Deserve to be traded in the PCA as an Iliquid Scrip ? ~ 05-Nov-2013
  • Tinplate Co of India @ Rs 46 ~ Will it ever break away from a Narrow Quoted Range ? ~ 05-Nov-2013
  • read more

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