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It is a S Day alright…Sunday Newspapers to Sanjaya Baru Controversial Book to Ss in the Premier League Derby

ūüôā¬†It is a S Day alright…Sunday Newspapers to Sanjaya Baru’s Controversial Book to all the¬†S’s in the Premier League Derby

Sunday Newspapers

Began with devouring the Sunday Newspapers with my Sunday Norm South Indian Masala Dosas and Sambhar at Sonarica Home

Emailed four interesting ‘Reads’ to my Family as below that began with a Sunday Quote

Life is about creating yourself, not finding yourself ‚ÄĒ George Bernard Shaw

1 Travel

Sunday Mumbai Mirror ~ Travel Column by 29 year old Marketing Executive Vahishta Mistry ~ he sold off all his possessions and set out to explore the world…he writes about Koh Chang,a an island in Thailand and the uncrowded beaches on the eastern side where he spend the night in a beach tent and went diving

2 A Young Thoughtful Mind Lost forever

Boston Globe ~ ‚ÄėThe Opposite of Loneliness‚Äô is a Book penned by Marina Keegan who graduated from Yale as a 22 year old in 2012 and died five days after graduating in a car accident….She had explored India to observe the spread of Humanism….Her Words Live on as she Sought Meaning over Money

An absorbing article on her is also in today’s Sunday Edition Page 18 of the Times of India

3 Digital Reconstruction of a 400 Million Year Old Fossil Plant

Sunday Mid-Day Page 13 ~ A Biology & Paleontology Graduate Jeff Benca of the Department of Integrative Biology and Museum of Paleontology,UC ,Berkeley reconstructs a plant thought to be long extinct

4 The Speaking Tree ~ Go Vegan for World Peace

Times of India ~ The Speaking Tree Supplement ~Go Vegan for World Peace

¬†Sanjaya Baru’s Controversial Book ‘The Accidental PM’

Then it was over an Hour at Crossword in Kemps Corner in South Mumbai to pick up two Books….¬†Sanjaya Baru’s Controversial Book ‘The Accidental PM’ that has been smartly timed to launch during Elections…his inside story in the PMO as UPA 1’s Media Advisor to the PM…he reveals how the PM has virtually no say in UPA 2 Government with Sonia Gandhi deciding on much….was told the book was fast selling out and only four copies were left…sure there will be a reprint …if I find it’s worth reviewing ¬†then plan to blog it later…..the second ‘FlashBoys’ by Michael Lewis has been released overseas last week but the copies should be available in India by April 15,2014 was told…Lewis blasts High Speed Trading that has actually rigged Wall Street read more

An Overwhelming Memorable Day Today for Our Family as Daughter does us Proud

An Overwhelming Memorable Day Today for Our Family and especially for us Parents as Daughter does us Proud ~ She will now appear for the Std 12 ISC Finals and today,her last day in School, was a Proud Moment for our whole Family as in the School Assembly she was announced as a Prize Winner for leading Awards for the Year 2013-14 :

  1. Honours Prize ~ will receive this from the Chief Guest Dignitary on Speech Day ~ usually held in April before Summer Break
  2. Scholar’s Badge ~ Received for Excellence in Academics
  3. Games Badge ~ Received for Excellence in Sports and for Captaining the School in Football and Excelling at the  District,State and India Levels
  4. Talyarkhan Trophy for the Most Outstanding Student in Std 12 in Studies & Physical Education ~ will receive this from the Chief Guest Dignitary on Speech Day ~ usually held in April before Summer Break
  5. Best SportsWoman of the School ~ Football,Basketball,Throwball,Karate,Gymnastics,Cricket ~ will receive this from the Chief Guest Dignitary on Speech Day ~ usually held in April before Summer Break
  6. Student who best embodies the  Spirit of Cathedral School ~ will receive this from the Chief Guest Dignitary on Speech Day ~ usually held in April before Summer Break ~ This is a new Award Instituted by the Batch of 1962 and she is the first Recipient 

I had gone to school late afternoon to complete some important paperwork and was completely clueless till I met my daughter in School who conveyed all of this  ~met some of her teachers ~ as they eulogised her to me I had to turn away lest they see my Moist eyes

Dug up this Collage of hers  captures her spirit and achievements and which she had submitted in her Application for Selection for the Sunburn Youth Cultural Camp in Singapore ~ she was selected and represented India at the Camp

KP Collage Capturing her Spirit & Achievements

Also dug up some of the Awards she has received over recent years at the hands of the following Dignitaries on Speech Day

Super Sunday as Cathedral & John Connon School wins Bronze in Wardha at the Maharashtra State U 19 Girls DSO Football Tournament

Cathedral Girls u 19 Football Team after Winning Bronze in Wardha on Sunday December 8,2013 at the Maharashtra State DSO u 19 Girls Football Championships


Cathedral Girls u 19 Football Team Celebrating informally later after Winning Bronze in Wardha on Sunday December 8,2013 at the Maharashtra State DSO u 19 Girls Football Championships

ūüėÜ It’s been a Super Sunday as The¬†Cathedral & John Connon Schoolwon the Bronze in Wardha at the Maharashtra State U 19 Girls DSO Football ¬†Tournament

This was the School’s First Appearance in this State Championship after having qualified as Mumbai City Champions in October 2013 and then going on to be crowned as Zonal Champions in November 2013 ~ Had blogged on this earlier

Fabulous Friday as Kunashni Parikh Captains Cathedral & John Connon School to their First ever U 19 Girls Football DSO Crown in 152 Years !

Monday, November 18th, 2013

Cathedral beat Latur 4-0 ( Goals scored by Simran,Ayushi,Anam and Tara),lost to Buldana 0-2 and then drubbed  Aurangabad 5-0( Goals scored by Simran,Kunashni,Maitreyi,Urja and Roshni) to get the Bronze

ūüôā Many Thanks to ¬†Cathedral Team Girl’s Mom Jankhana who had accompanied the Team to Wardha ~ she set up a Wardha Football Parents Group on Whatsapp and was giving us,Parents live updates during ¬†the Matches and even shared somes Pictures.The above Team Photo is courtesy her effort this evening

Surely a Proud Moment for the School and ¬†it’s PE Support Department ¬†and the Parents and Coach Deepak Narwade of these 18 ‘Never Say Die’ Spirited Cathedral Girls who have made this Team undoubtedly the Best one in the History of the School ~ The Coach calls them ” My Angels!”

It was a Complete Team Effort and I am Proud that this Team was Captained by my Daughter Kunashni Parikh (kneeling extreme right front row in the lone dark blue school jersey)¬†~She’s a Goalkeeper but played up full time ¬†in the Match for Bronze and even scored a Goal heading the Ball in ¬†~ she’s been such an Inspiration to the Girls that some of ¬†the Junior Girls paid her a superb Compliment ” Please keep Failing in Std 12 till we reach it so you can be our Football Captain for the next ¬†few years !” ¬† ūüėÜ

Tomorrow they will announce who will represent Maharashtra at the Nationals and a few names should be from this Cathedral Team !

ūüėÜ Way to Go Cathedral Girls !

Fabulous Friday as Kunashni Parikh Captains Cathedral & John Connon School to their First ever U 19 Girls Football DSO Crown in 152 Years !

Fabulous Friday evening,November 15,2013 ¬†as daughter and Goalkeeper¬†Kunashni Parikh Captained¬†Cathedral & John Connon School to their First ever U 19 Girls Football DSO Crown in 152 Years of the School’s History

They Beat the fancied Fr Agnel Team from Vashi who had seven State and one National Player in their Ranks !

Earlier they had won the Mumbai City Trophy and on Friday in the Zonals they were crowned the Mumbai City and Thane Champions ~ They now go to the States Championship for the first time

The Coach,Deepak Narwade was overwhelmed with emotion and was all teary eyed and all the Girls in the Team were ecstatic after having won ,coming from 0-1 down to equalise and then win on penalties in Sudden Death

During the Penalties and Sudden Death, Kunashni ,who has played for India as Vice Captain and Goalkeeper and is also a student of Psychology in Std 12 ISC,psyched out the Fr Agnel Penalty Takers by delaying tactics and going up to them and staring them in the face and pumping herself by screaming “Yes!” in the Goal and was warned by Referee that she would get a Yellow Card but later after they won in Sudden Death he told her “Good Tactics !” ~ Later she told me that once the Match had gone to Penalties she was confident they would win as “it then became a Mind Game”

Kunashni dedicated the Win to the Coach Deepak Narwade and saluted all her Team Members,especially the Goal Scorer Roshni Dadachanji whose brilliant 35 yard Free Kick in the second half equalised for Cathedral after Fr Agnel was 1-0 up early in the First Half,and Simran Sanghvi’s Great Tries that ¬†nearly scored for Cathedral and ¬†Anam Alwani and Urja Mehta and Niharika Naik who scored in the Penalty Shoot out and her Defender Mallika Razdan

Once again Super Congrats to the Cathedral Girls u 19 Football Team ¬†for being fantabulously crowned ¬†the DSO u 19 Mumbai City and Zonal Champions for the First time in the School’s 152 year History and now moving to the States Championship

Well done Cathedral Girls ~ The School and Coaches and PE Dept and Teachers and we, the Parents are all Proud of this Historic Victory achieved as a Team

May it motivate and Inspire all of you further and even all the other Football and Other Sports Teams of the School to go out there and play fearlessly and positively and give your best no matter how strong the Opposition is !

You Girls are Fighters and Now should believe more in yourselves ~ Now Go Enjoy and play as fearlessly and positively with great sporting spirit too and as a Team at the State Championships read more

Darling Daughter is now Delightfully 18 today

It’s a Lovely Sunday today with Darling Daughter Kunashni attaining the Beautiful Age of 18……Kunashni means ‘Good Deeds’ and forms ¬†Part of a Parsi Prayer…..and she certainly has lived up to her name !……Of course she has her moods !….she’s a Thinker !…..and her taking Psychology in the Science Stream has increased her Intensity of ¬†Thought that much more !…….It’s been a warm,exciting and proud journey with her so far as she excelled in both Academics and Extra Curricular,reaching heights in Academics (INSPIRE Science Award by Govt of India + TIFR Brain Camp Team Trophy for best Research + Other Inspiring Awards in School ),Gymnastics (State Level),Football (State & India Level) to mention a few….all the while retaining her humility and genuineness and winning much appreciation for such qualities with all wishing that she always retains them as they will always be her greatest achievements !

Her Journey of Life has just really begun as she strums along (she sings and plays the Guitar) and sets out as an Adult to forge new friendships and new adventures and new accomplishments and overcome hurdles and challenges that she will inevitably face in her quest to create a Life with a Great Purpose

She’s been a great Inspiration for me too….and along with ¬†my Son and Wife ¬†is my Lifeline !

Love her !

Straight from My Fresh Leased Heart on this The World Heart Day

Just recovering from a Cardio Vascular Affliction and have just turned 51 ~ so I speak straight from a fresh leased Heart !

At the very beginning let me thank God and My Wife and Children in particular ~ they are my Lifelines ~ they simply took over to nurturing me back to health with a strength and devotion that was simply awesome ~ they are my Inspiration ~ and of course the hundreds of Family and Friends and Associates and Clients and Staff and Blog Readers who sincerely prayed for me

Today is Sunday and it’s The World Heart Day~ Many Sunday Dailies have printed some brilliant articles on the Heart and how to Prevent Cardio Vascular Disease and how to spot you could be vulnerable to one…and what is the right food to a healthy heart…..Read today’s Edition of Times of India and it’s Special Supplement…providing you a few links too below

Ten Commandments for a healthy heart

Lifestyle adjustments keep heart diseases at bay

Our Sedentary Lifestyles,eating out often  and quite often junk food,sleeping late at night and not getting adequate sleep  ~ all lead to to Obesity,Diabetes  and High Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Just follow with Discipline these Four Points on this Checklist to have a healthy Heart and reduce risk of  any Heart related Disease

  1. A Healthy Diet ~ Walnuts,Orange,Green Vegetables,Black Beans,Skimmed Milk,Extra Virgin Oil….check with a good dietician for a balanced diet ~ Red Wine too taken moderately is good for the heart
  2. Daily Exercise ~ Walking is the simplest prescribed ~ begin with 10 minutes and go upto 30 minutes a day atleast ~ you don’t have to go for a strenous or vigorous gym work out
  3. No Smoking ~ Smoking  has been a major reason for inviting Health Problems ~ even Passive Smoking is a Killer
  4. Annual Comprehensive Health Check Up  ~ Absolutely Imperative even if you feel healthy ~ I neglected this for years and am paying the price for this
My Recent Health Ordeal of the Heart

I am passionate about my line of Work in Researching and advising and training on Indian Equities and commenting on the Economy and the Implications of Policies and Statistics~ Like Mad Scientists ,when I’m in Momentum I do not even look at the Watch or Clock and research and blog often till wee hours of the Morning ~ I’m also a Foodie ~ A Vegetarian ~ I don’t Smoke except an occasional Cigar once in six months ~ Am Fond of Beer and Whisky ¬†and indulge in them moderately ~Oh ! and I’m crazy about Chocolates & Pastries ! ~ you may find it difficult to believe that I was very active in all Sports in my School,College and early Career Years and even Captained Many Sports teams ~ Cricket and Football were my favourites

Then in the early 1990s I began devoting all my Time and Energies and Passion to building up my Career and Business ~ never took long Holidays ~ just infrequent weekend breaks ~ worked all night in the office on many occasions ~ enjoyed various veg cuisines while out entertaining Clients ~ always asked for more butter on my toast and extra cheese on my Pizza and ghee in my dal and rice ! ~ love Italian ~ Pizzas with extra Cheese and Olives and Pastas and Risotto and Ravioli and Lasagna ~ Love Chinese ~ Love Continental ~ Adore a Gujarati Thali ~ Love Punjabi ~ Love South Indian ~ Love Junk Food …..what Food Cuisine do I not Love ! read more

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