Covid-19 Crisis-Your Well Being is more important than Stock Market Well Being

Wealth is negotiable, Health is not

Your Personal Well Being is more important that the Stock Market Well Being ~ Always & more so in this unfathomable ongoing Covid-19 Reality

Above’s a three minute reach out by me last night to all connected with me to reinforce this .It’s also posted on Facebook , YouTube ,Twitter  and Instagram too

Let’s not have misplaced priorities ~Government & us should be more worried for Food Stocks rather than Stock Markets~ should be more concerned for the front-liners like healthcare professionals and delivery personnel and those marginalised rather than be concerned for Stock Margins

Stay Safe~Stay Home~Save Lives

Keep the Cheer & Spirit

🙂 Keep Smiling

2 thoughts on “Covid-19 Crisis-Your Well Being is more important than Stock Market Well Being

  1. Thank you Gaurav for this uplifting video! Even 4 months after you posted it, I think that it is still very topical.
    Although the market started to recover in some sectors, some are still badly affected like the airlines industry. However, as you said, this is still less important than the health of all the people caught the COVID-19.
    I also wanted to mention all the people that lost their jobs or an important part of their income due to the Coronavirus. Even though they may not be affected from on a health level, for people struggling to makes ends meet, this can lead to a lot of complications. So, all my thoughts are with them too, may they find a new job or new sources of income quickly.

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