Promoters rooting for Change of Infosys Chair~Seshasayee to Subrahmanyam?

The Infosys Situation is getting as explosive as the Tata Group’s did with  Promoters rooting for Change of Infosys Chair~Seshasayee to Subrahmanyam?

Corporate (Mis)Governance Issues~First Tatas & now Infosys !~Chairman & Board under Attack by Promoters

It’s been disruptive global times in many ways with Trump now US President and India re-gearing up Post Demonetisation & the Indian Corporate Big League crying out “Me Too” .

Headlines were hogged for months as first Promoter Family’s Ratan Tata led the unusually aggressive initiative  in the illustrious Tata Group to fire it’s Chairman, Cyrus Mistry & now Promoter N R Narayana Murthy has called to replace Infosys Chairman with Prof Marti Subrahmanyam .Ex Directors T V Mohandas Pai & V Balakrishnan support Murthy on this  & are calling for the Chairman’s resignation for serious misgovernance on issues of High Severance Packages,Hike in CEO Package ,Director Appointments,Inducements to bag Contracts,non disclosures among others that strike at the very core values Infosys was build on

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Infosys manages to beat Earnings Expectations but only because it deferred Investments…I expect it to correct to below Rs 1500

Infosys declared It’s Q1 FY 10 Results this morning…….as per IFRS…… per Indian GAAP

I don’t see any headwind in Infosys…I will be surprised if it climbs more from the current Rs 1750 levels….Infact I expect it to drop below Rs 1500…..Read on to understand my thought track 

It has managed to show a little higher Basic EPS at Rs 25.56 than expected for Q 1 but has given a lower FY 10 EPS Guidance Range of Rs 94.59 to Rs 96 down 9.6% and 8.2% respectively yoy 

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