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BOOKS You Must Read !


I’m an avid reader devouring just about anything in print !…but am most passionate about reading on company and stock market related insider experiences

The books I urge you to read ,here on my blog, I regard  as worthy and treasured members of my library collection…You may also find some reviewed (when I do so!) under the Category “Literary Gems” 

To facilitate ,I have also slotted these Recommended Readings into various headings which you can click under parent heading of “BOOKS You Must Read !” in The Pages Widget to access the Recommended Titles

Do keep revisting as I shall keep on adding to the List of Recommended Reading

I enjoy Reading best at two in the night when my three masters,wife and two children,adult son approaching 22  and daughter approaching 16,are  fast asleep in a world of their own…probably the reason you’ll never find me in office before 10.30 am the next day !

Happy Reading !

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