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RIO DE JANEIRO,BRAZIL just wins the Bid for the 2016 31st Summer Olympics

It’s RIO !

Was engrossed in exciting CNN coverage in Copenhagen,Denmark of the Awarding the Olympics Ceremonies….It was four cities….Chicago was surprisingly eliminated in the first round,even though President Obama and the First Lady made a personal pitch…The underdog,Tokyo lost out in the second round of Voting

It was down to Rio and Madrid

I was rooting for Rio….The Olympics have never been held in South America…and this is what must have swung the votes for Rio….even though Juan Antonio Samaranch,ex president of IOC made a last minute passionate pitch for Madrid saying he was 89 and would not be around much longer….also London is hosting the 2012 Summer Games…so to move away from Europe would also be logical….also Luis Inacio Da Silva,the President of Brazil made a very emotional pitch,urging IOC to give Brazil a Chance and a new part of the World and a country with 400 million people to experience first hand what the Olympic Movement is all about

Also the short audio visuals from both Spain and Brazil were fabulous…but Brazil scored great heart points when they showed the map of the World that highlighted that there were 30 Winter and Summer Games already held in Europe,12 held in North America but 0 in South America !

So when Jacques Rogges,President of IOC opened the Envelope and announced RIO,the Brazilian Delegation went wild…with Football Legend,Pele in tears of Joy….But there were Tears of Sadness in Madrid…they lost out yet again…they lost to London for the 2012 Games and now to Rio for the 2016 Games

It’s only early afternoon in Rio right now…and the thousands who have gathered at the Copacabana Beach have been swaying to the Samba and the Rhythm since morning…The party is going to last into tomorrow and the weekend

So within a span of seven years,Brazil will host the FIFA Football World Cup in 2014 and the Summer Olympics in 2016

So now from the Emerging Economic Superpowers BRIC….that’s Brazil,Russia,India and China….it’s only us,India now that has never hosted the Olympics…we have had the Moscow and Beijing Olympics and now will have the Rio Olympics

India should build up it’s Infrastructure in the next Ten Years and then begin pitching strongly towards 2020 for the 2028 Summer Games

So here’s to RIO for 2016 and to India for 2028 !

And yes…and now Africa remains the only Continent where the Olympics have never been held read more

9 9 9 …. An auspicious day coming to an end…Also now ‘Navkar Mantra’ Day

It’s September 9,2009..9 9 9…an auspicious day is now easing out to the next….From 9.09.09 morning the Jains have been chanting in unison the powerful  ‘Navkar Mantra’…I did too….felt good and warm…so from now every year September 9 will also celebrate ‘Navkar Mantra’

Namo Arihantanam
I bow down to the Arihants who have reached enlightenment
by overcoming inner weaknesses, who have attained infinite
knowledge, vision, bliss, and power and have showed the
path which brings an end to the cycle of birth and death.

Namo Siddhanam
I bow to the Siddhas or liberated souls who have attained
the state of perfection and immortality by liberating
themselves of all karma.

Namo Ayariyanam
I bow to Acharayas, who are the heads of the Jain
congregation and who preach the principles of religion and
the path of liberation that includes right knowledge,
right perception, and right conduct.

Namo Uvajjhayanam
I bow to the Upadhayas who have studied the Jain
scriptures and who understand the true nature of the soul
and karma. Upadhyayas are the teachers of scriptures and
show us the importance of the spiritual life over material

Namo Loe Savva-sahunam
I bow to all ascetics, including sadhus and sadhvis, who
strictly follow the five great vows of conduct and inspire
us to live a simple life.

Eso Panch Namokaro
To these five types of great souls I offer my praise,

Such praise will help destroy my negative vibrations and sins,

Manglananch Savvesim
Giving this praise is most auspicious,

Padhaman Havei Mangalam
So auspicious as to bring happiness and bliss.

Inspiring Lessons from an ordinary Pencil !

A beautiful Thought to begin the week…. (Thanks Nergis for this )

5 Important lessons to Learn from a Humble Pencil  

1. It tells you that everything you do will  always leave a Mark  .. 

2. You can always  correct the mistake  you make .

3. The important thing in life is what you are from  inside  and not from  outside

4. In life you will undergo  painful sharpening  which  will make you better  in whatever you do ..

5. Finally, to be the best you can be, you must allow yourself to be held and  guided by the hand that holds you..

I particularly loved the last one……HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!!

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