Sabero Organics kissing Rs 70 ….up from Rs 45 in under a week !

Regular Readers of my Blog would recollect Sabero Organics

I had recommended it on August 8,2008 at Rs 24 Fabulous Quarterly Show by Sabero Organics Gujarat…..Rs 24  and yet again this year on September 4,2009 at Rs 35 Sabero Organics up but FII,Clearwater Capital seen exiting ! Why ?  

 It’s zoomed away to near Rs 70…infact was Rs 45 last week….To check out why refer to my earlier blogs on this Scriptech Select Stock and you’ll be convinced Rs 100 is not to far away now!

Nitin,you responded to my previous blog that you would appreciate some ‘Bamboo’ seeds…this is one of them….search my blog…you’ll find I’ve planted several such seeds