‘Tainted’ Telecom Minister A Raja ! ? The Conviction grows stronger…for his deliberately ‘gifting’ the 2G Licenses on a First Come First basis for just Rs 1000+ crs when the current auction of 3G Licenses has fetched over Rs 16000 crs!

In November 2008,I had covered in two blogs,what our Telecom Minister,A Raja had blatantly done….he had gifted 2G Licenses to vested interests at a pittance…just over Rs 1000 crs,when he could have got ten times more for the Government

Today, after a 34 days auction process it has been announced that the 3G Licenses auction has fetched the government over Rs 16000 crs !…..the 2G Licenses Question that has always been asked of A Raja now becomes really rhetoric !  

Yet A Raja continues to be supported by the PM and remains the Minister in the UPA Government….CBI even has some telephone voice recordings of leading TV News Hosts discussing with Ministers and Power Brokers in the Capital on how to favour D Maran or A Raja as the Telecom Minister…Bloody Shame ! The Government and therefore We,the People of India have been deprived of Thousands of Crores for the 2G Licenses

These were my earlier Blogs on this  2G Telecom Scam

Ctrl.Alt.Del….We need to Re-Boot November 17,2008…I had linked Paranjoy Guha Thakurta’s Telecom Scam expose in the Asian Age on this…but find Asian Age has since removed this link

Conspiracy of Silence : The Officially sanctioned loot of Rs 60000 crs in the Telecom Sector ! November 4,2008….I have referred to V Kapoor’s Telecom Scam expose in ‘the Afternoon’

It’s ostensibly Coalition Politics Blackmail at it’s worst !

Sad !….just saw a smug A Raja on TV…he’s probably taking credit for 3G,having deliberately wasted the 2G opportunity….and he’s not being made accountable for it ! 

But what 3G Auctions has done is got Rs 70000 crs for our FM…he had provisioned for Rs 35000 crs…but has got twice the amount !…it’s been a spectacular auction