TAP GAP 58 Scrips~ Very Interesting 2014 Performance till date

This is the Second Update in 2014 with Share Price as on July 28,2014 after the First Update with Share Price as on March 11, 2014  for TAP GAP Poser end 2013 :

“Which Indian Company will be a Big Share Price Winner in 2014?”

While Share Prices are the Actual the Gains Computations have been adjusted for 1:1 Bonus given by Mayur Uniquoters and which went ex bonus on March 28, 2014 and 1:1 Bonus by Gruh Finance which went ex bonus on June 9,2014….In case of any inadvertently not done so for even Rights/Splits  please let me know

😎 Very Very Very Interesting Performance of all 58 Scrips that were the TAP GAP Entries …There are 63 Rankings as Five Scrips were recommended by two participants at different prices …some recommended prices of such scrips may read as same below against the participant as they have been rounded up but the ranking will not be the same because the gains have been computed from exact price recommended 

😆 Anand’s YBrant & Sandeep Gahandule’s Alphageo   Leads the Pack with both of them already fantastic multibaggers inside seven months and have retained No 1 & 2 Ranking from March 2014 !

Bhaskar’s Aarti Drugs has jumped from March 2014 Rank 12 to Current Rank 3 

😀 Congratulations Guys for the Performance of your Recommendations…hope you too have invested well in them when recommended 

🙄 However the First & Last Rank shout out ~ and they both belong to Anand ! ….that’s the beauty and risk of Equity that some are great and timely selections and work fast,some take time to work and some simply refuse to work ! and some rebel and sink!…therefore portfolio returns tend to be more sober than superlative returns on one scrip unless one takes the tactical risk of portfolio concentration in just one or two scrips and it pays off !

😮 The Scrips highlighted in Green indicate a good to great jump in Rankings from March 2014 to July 2014

😳 The Scrips highlighted in Red indicate a big fall in Rankings from March 2014 to July 2014 even though most have actually gained in Share Price in this Period….for such Scrips  it’s only that relative to other Scrips % Gains their Ranking has suffered

Hatsun Agro has slipped from Rank No 6 to Rank No 41 though overall the Gain is 35% ….March 2014 Gain was 40% as Share Price was higher at Rs 285 then from the Rs 275 it’s now….Incidentally Westbridge  has just taken a stake in it….It had also taken a cum bonus stake earlier in Mayur Uniquoters before it flared big time  read more