Awesome Sunday Gujarati Thali at Shree Thakar Bhojnalaya in Kalbadevi in Mumbai

Mouth Watering Sunday Gujarati Thali at Shree Thakar Bhojnalaya,Kalbadevi,Mumbai

It costs Rs 400 and  it’s worth every single Rupee and more ! ~ The Sunday Gujarati Thali at Mumbai’s best Thali Place ,Shree Thakar Bhojnalaya ~ The Old Man Purohit sits Proudly at the Reception and his Family & Staff serve Lovingly

It’s Mumbai’s Gem and hidden away deep inside  the Dady Seth Agiary Lane in the congested Kalbadevi Area of South Mumbai and even on a Sunday it was difficult to get parking ~ Lucky to find one bang opposite the building which houses the Bhojnalaya on the First Floor ~ it’s airconditioned inside and the seating is well spaced out but the waiting area will not appeal to those looking for cleaner and neater surroundings ! ~ The Bhojnalaya began way back in 1945 and makes no fancy pretences ~the focus is on the wholesome food as it should be~ the  Building seems as Old and not well maintained ~ but who cares ! ~ we all go for the finger licking Thali ! ~ and we’re never disappointed

Have a Nephew visiting from US and he loves the Thali and he returns to US tonight ~ so we first went to Panchvati Gaurav where there was waiting and we did for 10 minutes before we checked the Thali Menu for the day ~ 😥 Kareli Saabzi and Banana Samosa for Sunday !  ~ we simply left for Shree Thakar Bhojnalaya where we had actually intended to go in the very first instance ~ There was waiting here too ! we did for 15 to 20 minutes before we were courteously ushered in and given a nice table

Almost immediately we were served by a never ending line of  boys who right through the hour we relished the Thali kept spoiling and pampering us with repeated servings

Here’s what we ate unlimited for Rs 400 and each and every dish was simply wonderful that we had more than one helping of most with the Servers and Supervisors rising to the occasion and continuously doing ‘Agrah’  ~ insisting we have more and more !~feeling mighty pleased to see us really pleased and relishing it all !

The Picture of my served Thali above was taken while we were being served the first time and most of  the below you may recognize as already served in it   ! ~ Have highlighted in Green what I really relished ! 

Appetizer Drink

Chaas or Buttermilk ~ we had three to four glasses each


Methi Bhajias with Sweet Chutney
Paneer Roll
White & Green Dhokla with choice of  Chutneys ~ Imli & Coconut

Condiments & Accompaniments

Papad & Khichiya ~ had Several
Fresh  Mango Achhar or Pickle ,Raw Papaya,Tomato & Cucumber Kachumber (skipped the Garlic Chutney while Nephew requested for Onions,which they normally never serve~ they cut some fresh for him) read more