‘Boodling’…What a Word for Counterfeiting !…and yes it’s an American Term !

Came across an American Term called ‘Boodling’ this morning while scanning one of the Investment newsletters that flood my email daily

‘BOODLING’ was a term used for ‘counterfeiting’ the Dollar

In 1865,there were thousands of Banks in USA…all went bust…. 1600 of them actually printed their own Dollar Currency,which in theory was backed by Gold Reserves…so with this variety of Dollars, the ‘Boodlers’ had a field day as detection was very difficult

Even when the universal currency ‘Greenback’ Dollar Notes were issued,Boodlers found it easy to counterfeit the currency…Interestingly the Dollar was called a ‘Greenback’ because only one side,it’s back, was printed in green ink 

Amusingly,’Boodlers’ were held in awe and regarded as Ingenious Masters of Complicated Technology available near 150 years ago…just like so many view ‘Hackers’ in our contemporary world today !

So can we say that the Birth,Origin and Source  of all woes and troubles associated with Capitalism and Democracy is the USA ! ?

Just to remind you that ‘Counterfeiting’ will debase your country’s currency and gives a friendly ,but evil,impetus to Inflationary pressures in the Economy

Just to remind you that India continues to be the victim of Rupee Counterfeiting with strong evidence of the source being at the highest levels across our borders