Raju and Raja bajaye India ka Baaja !

Raju and Raja bajaye India ka baaja !

Satyam’s Raju and DMK’s A Raja,our Telecom Minister….the two ‘R’s that have scammed India bigtime

The Supreme Court send Raju back to jail today,refusing to give him any extension to surrender after cancelling his bail which he allegedly got on health grounds and stayed free for 9 months using his poiltical clout !

…..but our Telecon (delberately misspelt) Sinster Minister,A Raja of the DMK continues to be the Minister….His matter is pending before the Supreme Court…and we hope the Apex Court comes good here too

……meanwhile the CAG,our nations’s accounting watchdog, has submitted a report that the 2G Telecom License Scam is very serious and amounts to Rs 170000 crores ! …it’s confirms what all of India knows all along of what A Raja blatantly  did,even ignoring the PM and the TRAI’s advice…that is creating circumstances and impossible deadlines at a moments notice and whimsically extending application date but deciding later that only applications that came in by a certain earlier date would be valid….so that the 2G licenses in 2007 went to favoured parties…..some were telecom novices and did not even meet the eligibility criteria….. and that too at the extremely low 2001 rates

……establishes a corrupt nexus between Corporate Czars and Politicians brokered by Power Brokers and Wheelers and Dealers who masquerade as PR & Consultancy outfits and individuals….welcome to Democracy!…welcome to Indian Democracy! 

…..it’s like this…DMK is a Congress ally in forming the UPA Coalition government that runs our nation…..”You want our support,then allow us to loot!…that’s a Coalition reality that DMK has confronted Congress with…..just praying that Congress is not involved in this 2G scam !…otherwise all hell will break loose !….because A Raja could not have walked this alone !…too big a scam for him to conceptualise and manage ! ….he could not have been the mastermind !

….and Rs 170000 crs !…that’s nearly US $ 40 billion !…that’s 3% of our GDP !….would have helped remove our deficits in 2007 and 2008 when we were jammed with Crude Oil at record highs of US $ 140+…..Phew !

….India is in the LPG Era…Liberalisation,Privatisation and Globalisation….so are our Corporate Czars,our Bureaucrats and our Politicians !…..they assume that the ‘End justifies the Means !’….they will soon realise that the ‘Means will justify their ‘End’ !’  read more