Dhoom 3 ~ “Tere Aisee kee Taisee!” ~ there never will be a Dhoom 4!

Dhoom 3 ~ “Teri Aisee kee Taisee!” ~ I doubt if there will be a Dhoom 4 ! unless of course ,as my son quipped,Abhishek Bachhan and Uday Chopra need some Money and Aditya Chopra obliges ! ~ Mean thing to say as both are really ok,though not in the Movie !

What a waste of a Christmas Morning ! ~ got up early ,had breakfast too caught the 9.30 am early morning show of the much hyped ‘Dhoom 3’  at PVR Phonenix,Mumbai as it’s the Cheapest in the early morning shows at Rs 250 for Prime Seats and Rs 150 for the Star Seats…..last Row lovely Prime seats ….thought it would be good value for money…both the seats and the movie !…..but wish I had got the Rs 150 ones ! …Wife enjoyed it ! while  both the grown up children who amazingly too came along  with us on an early Bank Christmas Holiday! were with me on this !…we came out into the welcome sunshine at 1 pm

I went to sleep in the first half itself ! and had to be woken up laughingly by my Son just a little before the Intermission !

The Best Part of the Movie was the Cheese Popcorn ~ Son had a whole Bucket while Daughter had the normal size….as I’m on Diet Restrictions and Cheese and Popcorn both are currently on the Hit List I was only grudgingly given a few kernels ! ~ Children really take care of me !

Katrina Kaif is just puff and arm candy….no real role and she is there only for the songs but in my view hardly sizzles in them like Aishwarya Rai did in Dhoom 2…and Aishwarya had a role too !

Aamir essays his role well as the Villain…boldly signing “Teri Aisee kee Taisee!”  at the crime scene whenever he robs the Bank to take revenge for the Bank pulling the plug on his Father’s Circus for defaulting on a Loan  ….the Camera is all on him…. but I preferred John Abraham in Dhoom 1 and Hritik Roshan in Dhoom 2

There is a story of course set in Chicago but it’s hardly gripping…..the locale should have been at Home in India ~ it may not have been a Real Hit ~ forget the record collections in the first week ~ but the audience would have enjoyed it better

The Editing is slack and the Scenes jump without seemingly any seamlessness….the daytime climax suddenly is in the middle of a High & Huge Dam after the Villains escape the Police dragnet the night before with Abhishek as the Mumbai Police’s ‘Dixshit’  telling his sidekick ‘Ali (Uday Chopra) ” Raat Choron kee hogi lekin Subha hum Poilicewalon kee hogi !” or something to this effect~ Yucks ! Who wrote the Script !  ~ how did the Police catch up with the Villains the next day ! read more