Bharat Ratna for Sachin Tendulkar ?..It’s a rhetoric question !

Bharat Ratna for Sachin Tendulkar ?…It’s a rhetoric question !

We need to Lift him up too now just as he has carried all of India for over 20 years !

The Voice to award him India’s highest civilian award began gathering some intensity as we entered the 21st century…it was too early then….a decade later now it’s the perfect time to do so…so do it !  

Freedom Fighters united India and won us Freedom in 1947…many have deservedly been awarded the ‘Bharat Ratna’

Sachin Tendulkar,with his iconic Cricketing status and genuis has united the Country yet again when it is being torn apart with Corruption,Communalism and Criminality….he is truly India’s purest and brightest and flawless ‘Gem’ at the moment and a great Inspiration to not only India’s 1.2 billion but even to many millions around the world…he embodies the best in a human being on this planet… soul,spirit and endeavour….you can feel his ‘aura’…warms you…cleanses you in a way……  

Heard World Champion Cueist,Geet Sethi on CNN IBN echoing his views that Sports do not come under ‘Public Service’ and there are many like Vishwanathan Anand,Leander Paes and Abhinav Bindra who are also World Champions in their Sports Disciplines and  therefore they too should deserve the ‘Bharat Ratna’ if Sachin does !…he also feels the award criteria  should not be based on the popularity of the discipline…..Come on ! Geet !…Is it Sachin’s fault that Cricket is a Religion in India !…..Sachin has transformed people…millions of us…unified us….motivated and inspired us….not only how Cricket should be played but how Life should be lived  and Challenges faced to overcome them !….this is ‘Public Service’ of the Supreme Order

Sachin may not need this Award but we need to bestow it on him ! Dhoni passionately observes for Sachin ” if he does not get it then no one else can get it!”….and Sachin will never demand it like Sitara Devi did when she turned down the Padma Bhushan

Sachin is Destiny’s Child and his Destiny is to receive the ‘Bharat Ratna’ now…be the youngest recepient at 37 years of age…..not ten or twenty or thirty years down the line and definitely not posthomously like many have received in the past !

We need to be unconditionally and unreservedly and unapologetically and unanimously united in this……..I know we are fortunate to live as free citizens of a great Democracy …but please no dissentions ! read more