So what’s a Double Dip !?

So what’s a Double Dip ! ?….so I asked around and this is what I get…..

Young Daughter : It’s an Icecream, Dad !

Older Son : It’s when they serve starters with two types of Dips

My Tea-sing Wife : Darling, it’s what I do to make your ‘kadak’ Tea…Double Dips…Two Tea Bags in one cup of Tea

A Club Friend : It’s when I dive into the swimming pool twice in a single day

Ben Bernanke ,the US Fed Governor : USA is not facing it or causing it !

Clearly Individual Perspective influences the Definition

For those who really want to know….Double Dip refers to a Recession,followed by a short Recovery and then a more Deeper Recession than the previous one from which any recovery becomes more difficult….not good for the Economy and not good for Stock Markets….and USA is certainly facing the Possibility of a Double Dip Recession

So if the Dow goes Down bad,what shall be the fate of our Sensex !?

Let’s debate this over a Double Dip Tea ,shall we !

Cheers !