Conflicting Technical Take predicts a bull run of 42% to a Nifty of 4250 inside six months

Ooof !…Yes,I’m not a Technical Guy…but just received another Tech Report from a leading listed Broker,who just laid off 70 people on Thursday….It’s a conflicting and bullish view

It predicts that the Nifty will surge 42% to 4250 within Four to Six Months from now….that would mean a Sensex Level that goes past 14000 again in the first half of 2009

Such Conflicting Views at either end of the Opinion and Prediction Spectrum are the Challenges one confronts often in Equities….That’s the Beauty of Equities…there is always a Buyer and a Seller at a point….as Warren Buffett would say “Who says Market’s are Efficient !?”….and that’s the reason he finds Value at times…such as like this