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Equity Positioning for 2017 & Beyond

C U this Sat at my Mumbai Value vs Price Equity Workshop

Be There this Saturday at my Mumbai Value vs Price Equity Workshop

Stock Selection ~ Value vs Price ~ Positioning for 2017 & Beyond

Just three days for it & a Few Seats left….register & pay online here 

It could turn out to be the best Investment in 2016 that you made for 2017 & Beyond  !

🙂  Like   Shemaroo in 2015    &    Astec Lifesciences in 2016 !

See you on Saturday,December 3,2016 when we shall discuss & debate,among lot other, the Disruptive impact of Demonetisation & Donald Trump and whether the  Sensex  will move south to test its 2016 low of 22495 again in the short term or will move north towards 30000 again  & how should one Position for Wealth Creation through  Direct Equity .We shall assess Stock Valuations vs Share Prices  in Buffett & Lynch & Contrarion & Other Styles  to conclude if  Companies & Sectors  are Thrash or Turnaround Treasures  or present  Opportunities or remain Continuing Threats ?

Or is all of the above simply a waste of time as Index Passive Investing is the only way as propounded by the Father of Index Investing John Bogle who founded Vanguard that manages over US $ 3 Trillion of Wealth

This would mean simply buy the Sensex & Nifty and sit Tight ~ we’ll aggressively argue this approach too 

Looking Forward to seeing you this Saturday

C U Sat

Announcing Mumbai Fundamental MasterClass Equity Workshop on Sat 3/12/2016 for Stock Selection~Value vs Price

🙂 Finally Announcing the much awaited Mumbai Fundamental MasterClass Workshop on Saturday December 3, 2016 for Stock Selection ~ Value vs Price ~ Positioning for 2017 & Beyond

There are Limited Seats available & would therefore recommend  you register online on www.jsalphaa.com rightaway here

Here’s the Detailed Template …..See you on Saturday ,December 3,2016



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