“Fish where there are Fish !” says William Johnson, an ‘excited about Asia’ CEO Of world’s largest ketchup maker Heinz

Just heard on CNN Business,a delightfully candid take on exciting Asia markets by William Johnson,the CEO of Heinz, the world’s largest ketchup (tomato sauce) maker

“Fish where there are Fish !” says Johnson….I’m the Fish and am going to take this as a compliment……by 2013,20% of Heinz Revenues will be from Emerging markets…currently Heinz is shifting resources to emerging markets…”What evolved in the West is now evolving in the East” says Johnson….the world is becoming bi polar….”It’s great to be a CEO” in these times….learning to deal with governments and regulations in emerging countries is exciting….the consumerism with an exploding middle class is agggresively developing with prepared foods becoming part of daily diet…..one needs to localise products without compromising quality that made it successful in the West….. and have experienced local teams who know the pulse and ground realities

Have you tried Heinz Ketchup?…I have and am a convert…..am the fish that has got hooked on the Heinz bait !…..the taste and rich texture are simply outstanding….the ketchup’s got some depth…..you don’t argue with Quality….you Enjoy it……. Competitors Kissan and Maggi Brands are trying to ‘ketchup’ with Heinz but don’t even come close ….and try the new Imported Squeeze Bottle….fantastic….no spill when squeezing and no hint of ketchup on the round white cover nozzle after squeezing…..thankfully Heinz rethought their high pricing policy when they entered India a few years ago….it is now quite competititve….have introduced small sachets too….my club has moved from messy bottles to serves these sachets on every table….better quality….more hygenic…..cost saving as less wastage 

Those French Fries taste more heavenly with Heinz ketchup !…..secret must lie in the quality and consistency of the Tomatoes used

Cheers !