SEBI needs to take Stern action with Promoters like Ghias of Futura Polyester who seem to be enriching themselves in Innovassynth Technologies at the expense of Shareholders of Innovassynth Investments

Where Monies are there there will be Stink !….and SEBI, as the Regulator, needs to wear a Gas Mask at all times !

The Stink is being seen in the Promoters Ghias of Innovassynth Technologies (IST) raising it’s Equity Capital from Rs 55 crs to Rs 74 crs at par of Rs 10….the Value of IST is much more….Moreover shareholders of Innovassynth Investments (ISI) should have also been offered these shares at Rs 10 too…the sad irony it appears is that ISI itself rejected the fresh Investment Proposal in IST at par to facilitate the allotment to others….ISI is awaiting SEBI Clearance for Listing without an IPO,while IST remains unlisted

Know the background first

Ghias were  the Promoters of Indian Organic Chemicals (IOC)….It was rechristened Futura Polyesters (FP) and the Chemicals Division was moved to a new company from August 1,2002 called Innovassynth Technologies (IST)…..FP held 23850070 shares of FV Rs 10 in IST…this was over 40% of the Equity Capital of Rs 55 crs of IST…the rest was held by Rajan Raheja Group,Rakesh Jhunjhunwala and Ghias…they were also on the Board of IST….Rajan Raheja is on the Board of Prism Cement,EIH Hotels (Oberoi Hotel Chain in which Reliance too has a major stake now),Exide,Supreme Petrochem and Sonata Sofware

FP initially decided to transfer their entire shareholding in IST to the shareholders of FP directly under a Scheme of Arrangement…an initial Ratio of 10:23 was recommended and the shareholders of FP would get the shares of IST directly and free in this ratio of their holdings in FP

However a revised Scheme was formulated…and the reasons for this are becoming more apparent now…Under this Scheme FP would first tranfer it’s entire Investment in IST to another Company ISI…In turn ISI would allot free the shareholders of FP the shares of ISI in the ratio of 5:11….Thus FP Shareholders would also own ISI shares which would get listed…and ISI in turn held the Investment of over 40% of the Equity in IST….FP would also follow this with a Rights Issue at par to bring back the Networth after adjusting the IST Investment against Equity Capital and then Specific Reserves   

ISI was to get listed in 2009….BSE apparently even cleared this listing in July 2009 with the condition that SEBI Approval was required as the listing would be without any IPO…ISI applied to SEBI for this permission….till date SEBI has not given it….Why !?…SEBI has been raising queries….ISI claims it has answered all of these and are pursuing this matter with SEBI quite feverishly…what was the nature of these queries is not known…neither the SEBI website has any clues,nor is ISI revealing what these queries were. read more