The Apparently Drunk Japanese Finance Minister was atleast being Honest at the G-7 FMs Meet in Italy !

Atleast the apparently drunk Japanese Finance Minister,Shoichi Nakagawa, was being honest at the G 7 Meeting in Rome !

After lacking the Vision to Prevent such a Financial Crisis occuring in the first place,No Political or Financial or Corporate Leader, simply just Nobody,from any Country has any clue as to how to solve this Great Global Financial & Economic Crisis

The Japanese FM,who was forced to resign, was probably more realistic and honest to drown the woes in a drink or two ! than to go on blah ! blah ! blah ! at summits like Davos and G-7 ! and participating in blame games,and preaching a false panacea…after all if you say nothing ! then nothing can be held against you !…ofcourse for the record he blamed jet lag and the medicine he took for a Cold for his drowsiness!

Perhaps the G-7 FMs should all have had an extended Drinking Session…after shedding their political and other compulsions and inhibitions after a drink or two they would have been able to generate better and more workable and honest ideas to begin to tackle this crisis with no delusions of any make believe Intelligence that they may possess !

Just a Spirited thought ! Cheers !