Grand Power Packed Sunday Afternoon with a 1000 people

It was a grand power packed Sunday Afternoon at Sofitel BKC’s Banquet Hall with a friend couple hosting a pre wedding lunch for the FM &  his wife’s daughter & her husband to be….congratulated them & wished them all the best & caught up with a lot of friends and acquaintances,many of them ‘Who’s Who’ in the World of   Politics,Business,Medicine,Education,Media,Banking,Equity,Broking,Bollywood & Music &….exchanged pleasantries with some & banter with others ! ….it was a heady cocktail mix !….so you can consider this blogpost as a hangover !

It was interesting to catch up with the NextGen too ,children in their 20’s of friends in their 50’s….hey guys don’t address me  with “Hello Uncle “….makes me feel old !

There must have been over a 1000 enjoying the exquisite & extensive hospitality of the Hosts  !……felt warm when the hostess said “Gaurav, the Aloo Gobi’s just for you !”…& there were a 1000 dishes of  various world cuisines  to choose from  in a 360 degrees presentation around  the Banquet Hall on the outside !….the party was all over the  2nd Floor !…..our friend and hostess is humble and down to earth and has a Heart of Gold ….it’s a common perception that one born into an illustrious political pedigree would throw weight…not her !….earlier this year in February she was responsible for ensuring our once in a lifetime ‘Mata kaa Bulava Aaaya Hai’ Vaishnodevi Jatra was indeed a lovely & memorable one !….,a year  ago when I had jocularly told her I missed her Aloo Gobi ! she actually send not just the Aloo Gobi but Paneer Makhanwala too over to our residence that could feed an army !…she’s deeply religious too & an ardent worshipper of Siddhi Vinayaka & Infant Jesus & St Anthony… like we are too…. Every Tuesday is specially marked for a visit to the famed Prabhadevi temple & Worli Shrine  for Prayers to both

Wife was amused when an elderly man came up to me and hugged me saying ” I’m very proud of you!….you come on TV and are very knowledgeable ” and  kept repeating this even when it turned out to be a case of mistaken identity !…so I hugged him back !

And an Equity Guy who’s sought frequently for his views on and off TV enquired ” Gaurav , What’s your big scrip!?  but excused himself when asked for his ! read more