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Harbhajan Singh

Bowlers,Harbhanjan Singh and Praveen Kumar should open the Batting !

Australia just won the Vadodra ODI by just 4 runs and lead 1-0 in the seven match series….They piled up 292 and the Indians replied with 288/8…It would have been an improbable win had the Indians pulled it off and scored the 9 runs required of the final over

All seemed lost at 201/7 ….but none had reckoned with the spunk shown by Harbhajan Singh and Praveen Kumar…they nearly got us to victory with a record eight wicket stand…we required 42 to win in the last three overs…we got 33 of them in two,but faltered in the last Siddle over

Methinks Harbhajan and Praveen should open the Indian Batting…most of the others in the team showed no spunk…their body language and mindset were simply not energised to go out there and win on the field…Seems it was just another 9 to 5 working day for them !

Seems there continues,despites denials to the contrary,huge ego trips between our cricket stars…it’s affecting team spirit and team play on the field 

Sehwag opened with a flourish,promised a lot,but left a lot to be desired….Gambhir played sensibly…… Ravindra Jadeja seems paralysed on the International scene…Tendulkar was playing and missing a few outside the off stump and fell to a trap,stretching out for one and playing it on the up to short cover/silly midoff where Pointing snapped him up….Raina after a swashbuckling six,also fell into a Johnson trap…he lobbed a caught and bowled to a slower deceptive ball….Virat Kohli played well….Dhoni,attempting to clear the field, holed out to mid on in the Batting Power Play…he seems to have lost the Power Hitting ability with which he had arrived on the International scene 

Just Imagine…we lost Four Wickets and scored just 22 runs in the Five Over Batting Powerplay !

….all of this and our poor fielding and running between wickets  cost us the match 

Unacceptable that our Cricketers play with inconsistent passion in a country where Cricket ignites Great Passion and Powers and Unites the Nation….seems to me too much Money in the game is affecting playing attitudes…..obscene Ad spends on Stars, BCCI administrators and IPL only aggravating this scenario…Putting Self before Country…Many Players are simply taking their place for granted and nepotism and favouritism is not uncommon in Selections at State and even National level…..and this feeling is not a kneejerk one just because we lost the ODI today ! read more

India just short balled out of the ICC T-20 Cricket World Cup

India and Dhoni just lost it ! Expect a Swift and Strong Media and Public Backlash in India 

I penned this blog title before the last ball was bowled!

We lost to England in a crunch Super 8 game by just 3 runs!… We needed 154 to win and 19 of the last over… We got just 15 !..4th ball was hit for a six by Pathan… fifth ball he hit to Long On and just a single was taken ! when Going  for Two would have put some pressure on the fielder ! and given strike back to Pathan… who knows ! he could have hit the last ball for a Six and tied the game !… what actually happened was that we needed an impossible 8 to win of the last ball and Dhoni managed a Four.We ended at 150/5 chasing England’s 153/7.

Dhoni needs to shoulder full responsibility as a ‘completely out of clue’ captain ! Get Anil Kumble back ! he commented on this lack of Intent in going for Two runs on the penultimate ball 

Dhoni, himself seems to have lost the art of hitting sixes on call or frequently !…. so vital to facilitate a win in the T-20 Format….. there was no real killer instinct to win !… they were playing matter of fact… no sense of intensity or even enjoyment…something is amiss in this Indian Team ! It seems divided !… Dhoni, you paraded your team last week to show unity and dispel Indian Fears of a split in the Team….This spirit was not evident on the field !

Dhoni needs to answer himself first before he answers the nation

He boasts in the Aircell ads how while playing Cricket he connects on Facebook through his Mobile to connect with Friends and have fun….. I wish he had connected with me on Facebook… I could have conveyed to him to bring Yuvraj in early to Bat… we would have won the Game.  

He held back the in form Yuvraj Singh till late… Jadeja scored 20 + but took over 30  balls to do it !Rohit Sharma and Raina failed in two consecutive games. Yuvraj came in at 4 down after 10 overs and hit the first ball he faced for a Six! he scored a quickfire 17 in Nine Balls before a brilliant Foster stumping of Swann got him.

And if you see the margin of just 3 runs that seperated us,I must comment harshly on Harbhajan Singh needlessly gifting away 10 runs by bowling two unnecessary wides that went on to cross the fence with Yuvraj misfielding one of these.

And Ishant continued to bowl short… and surprisingly Zaheer gifted easy boundaries continuing to bowl a wrong legside line  read more

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