IFCI @ Rs 50 today…. up 100 % from Rs 25 inside Two months !… and the % Gains on the F & O Contracts have been four fold at 400% !

IFCI @ Rs 50 today on huge Volumes…. In Absolute terms up 100 % from Rs 25 inside Two months !… and the Gains on the F & O Contracts have been four fold at 400 %….. What a Killing !

One Lakh Shares @ Rs 25 would have meant an Investment of Rs 25 lakhs doubling to Rs 50 Lakhs to give 100% Gains inside Two Months…. and Rs 25 Lakhs Invested as Margin in 50 IFCI Futures Contracts of 8000 shares lot each @ Rs 25 would have given you an Exposure to 400000 Shares…. now that’s a whopping Gain of Rs ONE CRORE or 400% inside Two Months !

IFCI’s Book is Rs 70+… it holds a 4.79% Equity Stake through 24, 42, 212 Equity Shares in MCX which opens it’s IPO Offer for Sale tommorrow in the Price Band of Rs 860 to Rs 1032

Look out for IFCI Merging soon into another Financial PSU…. that’s the Government mindset currently to salvage the Company

…and just think about this…. a leading Technical Analyst was aggressively snubbing IFCI on CNBC and even predicting it will go below Rs 10 !…….. when you don’t blend Intellect with Instinct, this is what will happen !

….I may just give you guys a  hint soon on the Blog for another good Play

…It would be fair to assume that those with a  contrarion and aggressive flair who were in touch with me have benefited from IFCI in the past two months

Cheers !