Imported Frozen Food ~Vegetarian Black Pomfret !

Club Fed my Family and me on a Starving Mumbai Bandh Sunday Evening !

~ and even the ‘My Shop’ was open at the Club so we stocked on a few things and look at what I noticed in one of the Freezers !

Imported  Frozen Food Vegetarian Black Pomfret ! ~ Now how did this one get past Customs !

Imported Frozen Food ~Vegetarian Black Pomfret !

This even happened to me a few years ago on a Cathay Pacific Flight ~ I had pre instructed for Vegetarian ,but had not specified Indian ~ and so was served SeaFood Vegetarian ! with the Air Hostess of Hong Kong Origin insisting it was Vegetarian ~ An Indian Air Hostess thankfully came to my rescue and served me Indian Vegetarian !

I am told Seafood is considered Vegetarian in South East Asia ! ~ Really !?