In Bangalore in September 2016~Anyone for Fundamental Equity Research Training?

Hey !

Have been getting repeated requests for Fundamental Equity Training in Bangalore…reminded just today by one more such request from Chitra

🙂 Here I come !

Am Scheduled to be in Bangalore for the month of September 2016 & thought it would be great idea to conduct Fundamental Equity Training while there in one or more of the following formats 

A ~  Full day weekend  (Saturday or Sunday) workshop at a good central location

B  ~ Half Day weekday/weekend  workshop at a good central location

C ~  Full Day weekday/weekend ~ Informal small group of 5 or 6  at my place of residence in a central location

D ~ One to One exclusive sessions  ~Five Sessions of 2.5 hours each spread over September 2016 at my residence in a central location

E ~ Any Format you may suggest giving details

Would appreciate those based in Bangalore & interested to respond on this post or email to me at [email protected]  or whatsapp/sms me at +91-9820162597 with the following details :

  • Name
  • Email
  • Mobile No
  • Preferred Training Format A to E 

All Inclusive Fees per participant have yet to be decided but should be inside Rs 10000 for A & Rs 5000 for B,Rs 20000 for C & Rs 50000 for D    

Broking ,Banking,PMS,Mutual Fund Houses,IFA & other Capital Market Interest Groups based in Bangalore can also get in touch with me ([email protected] & +91-9820162597) to organise exclusive workshops & presentations to their groups in September 2016

Wealth of Minds & Wealth of Monies must move in tandem

What I shall cover is best conveyed by this repost of mine from my NSE Workshop + Investment Approaches of Warren Buffett & Peter Lynch and Investor Psychology & Mistakes & Irrational Behaviour etc

Wow! A Full House NSE Training Fundamental Workshop !

Sunday, November 1st, 2015 Wow! A Full House NSE Training Fundamental Workshop yesterday !

Seems to get bigger & better every time !

Did the first one on August 8,2015 and had blogged on it  as linked below

Interesting Interaction at the NSE Equity Fundamental Training Workshop

Sunday, August 16th, 2015

Did this one too on “Interpretation of Financial Statements for Stock Analysis” under NSE’s Rapid Series at their NSE BKC Complex

@ 30 Participants,both genders aged 22 to 58 from leading Broking Firms,Corporates,Banks and even Individuals who had come on dot and stayed till 8 pm ! expecting to learn how to read financial statements and  market dynamics to assess risks and opportunities in Indian Equities

Common Question right from Manish Shah,who introduced himself  to me in the lift going up to the Class ” How are the Markets Looking “? ~ “Where will the Sensex & Nifty head in the short term”?

Had taken a Bull along ! really !…a smaller version of the Wall Street one….told the class I love four animals…Elephants (Lord Ganesha),Lions (My Zodiac Sign),Tortoise(Good Luck & of course Bulls (I’m always one!)….and you’ll always find them on my office desk !…in fact four bulls of various sizes !…and clients know my market view on simply seeing how the bulls are placed !…if facing them straight up  (↑)  as they sit across me,I’m very bullish…if slanted ( ⁄ )towards them,I’m bullish…slant inclination reveals how much !….if a horizontal view (↔ ) then indicates market will remain flat to rangebound and if the bulls face me vertically (↓ ) I’m bearish !….and slant facing me shows intensity of being bearish ! read more