It’s Facebook Time on Nasdaq soon !…Quick Trading Opportunity beckons….US $ 11.8 billion IPO closing today two days before schedule…US $ 35 Offer at Top end gives a US $ 96 Billion Valuation !

Hey ! We Facebook guys have made 28 year old Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg Really Rich…Facebook closes it’s US $ 11.8 Billion IPO today…two days before actual closing… invited offers for 337.4 million shares between US $ 28 to US $35 to give a US $ 96 Billion valuation at top end…lists under FB on Nasdaq on May 18…Apple Co-founder Steve Woznaik ready to buy at any price !…however,a Bloomberg poll showed that 79% think it is overvalued !…methinks it’s going to open strong on listing

Fast Action coming up soon in Facebook on Nasdaq….Indian Residents can easily invest overseas now…So open your overseas brokerage accounts asap…either directly or through a few Indian Brokerages that are offering to do so and  manage these accounts for you….Quick Trading Opportunity in FB beckons strongly

Cheers !