Jaiprakash ki Jai Ho !…Up 15% in a month from Rs 84 to Rs 97….Revealing the other ‘J’ as Jubilant Industries at Rs 188 now

A Month ago blogged about two ‘J’s you should own….Jaiprakash Associates at Rs 84 was mentioned…the other ‘J’ was not and that sparked off huge guessing by blog regulars

Two “J’s” you may get “J” of in the next year or two if you don’t own them !…one is Jaiprakash Associates at Rs 83/84…it’s in the Sensex and Nifty too

Friday, March 11th, 2011

Jaiprakash Associates has since moved up smartly by 15% in a month…The Other has been guessed in the responses to the above blog but till now not confirmed by me…I do so now…Have a look at Jubilant Industries…It was Rs 171 a month ago…went to Rs 200 inbetween and is now yet 10% up at Rs 188 

Cheers !