Jeena Scriptech Alpha Advisors ~ A Stellar 3x Sensex Equity Portfolio Performance

Jeena Scriptech 2013- 2014~ A Star 3x Sensex Performance in Clients Equity Portfolios

Wow ! we have exceeded Clients and even our Own Expectations from end 2012 to November 2014

Sensex & Nifty have climbed @ 50% in @ Two years and Returns in Clients Equity Portfolios have been over 2x and 3x these Sensitive Indices!

This is  on Delivery Basis & without any Derivative Play ! …and we don’t guarantee even 1 % returns

As we say three key reasons for such an outperformance across Risk Profiles & Portfolio Size

  1. Clients unflinching faith in us
  2. Kind Markets
  3. Superb Fundamental Stock Selections picked up early

Of course we missed quite a few ! but let’s not get Greedy here !…and I’m sure quite a few out there have a great Story to tell on the returns they have made these past two years !

Though 2015 and  beyond looks highly promising it will be a challenge to match or even surpass this performance in one or two years

Some of the Selections that we picked on the Ground Floor & rode all the way up the Skyscraper were

  1. Firstsource
  2. National Buildings Construction Co
  3. Thinksoft (now SQS India BFSI)
  4. HOV
  5. Sterlite Tech
  6. Pennar Ind

Such Gains has even inspired a Conservative Client to say ” Get Aggressive !”

We have had to calm them down saying that the discipline of Asset Allocation is vital to protect wealth while growing it

You Guys need fundamental help with your Equity Portfolios simply connect with us ?