Hope India makes it to the Finals at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai on April 2,2011 in the ongoing ICC Cricket ODI World Cup…because I was just confirmed a ticket!

Phew !….. Betting on a Multibagger on BSE carries more conviction than betting on getting a Ticket for the World Cup Cricket Finals on April 2,2011 at the rebuild from scratch Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai !….Millions have been chasing a few thousand tickets

….just got confirmed a ticket !…in a ballot for privileged tickets allotted to cricket clubs for its members and which are affiliated with the Mumbai Cricket Association…..in fact it’s a combo…no options but to buy the ticket for all three matches that will be played at the Wankhede Stadium…..two preliminaries featuring New Zealand in both…Day Match against Canada on Sunday March 13,2011 and a Day & Night Fixture against Sri Lanka on Friday, March 18,2011…and then the Day & Night Grand Finals on Saturday,April 2,2011

…..Preliminary Matches Tickets have been released while the Finals Tickets will be released month end….may not go for the preliminaries…so if anyone out there is interested in the March 13 and 18 Matches do let me know…will give them to you at cost

…..India  beat Netherlands today and thus becomes the first team from Group B to have qualified for the Quarter Finals….regardless of our final position in Group B after the Preliminaries and as per World Cup Rules,being the Host Country and also with a higher ICC World ranking for ODIs if it comes to this,we will play this Q F in the venue allotted for a Q F in the host nation……This happens to be Ahmedabad on Thursday,March 24,2011…..as per official format A 2 plays B 3 in Ahmedabad…but this now becomes irrelevant…..

Always have prayed that India make the Finals and win it….Now that I’ve a ticket my prayers have intensified  !

“Sachin ! Sachin !…Sachin ! Sachin !”….the last time we shall get to chant his name as this should be his last World Cup…a record Sixth……the Mexican Waves….the constant whistle,horn and trumpet blowing….the flag waving….the witty banners……the charged atmospshere….the energy and deafening roar of 33000 spectators….their indignation when Umpiring Decisions are seen as unfair and even biased against India !….most of them crazy and passionate and knowledgable about the game of Cricket….screaming to Dhoni to change his bowling or field setting……pushing and jumping over people and benches to get to your seat….getting up often to breathe as your bench is now crammed with 50 and on it’s way to a record 100 !….the legendary ‘kaka’ who legally and lovingly distributes free icecream to spectators when he wins in illegal betting that goes on!…… and that really pretty girl asking “What happened ?” every over….Cricket being an insect for her !….. try catching this on even a 33 Inch TV Screen !….you just cannot compare a World Cup Final Live at the Stadium with Live on TV !…and those who say they prefer the latter is probably because they’ve not got tickets ! read more