Just Loved to see Ignoramus Sanjay Jha the Congress Spokesman put in his place by Dr Subramanian Swamy and TSR Subramaniam on a TV Debate

I have wisened over the years that it’s pointless to get agitated or angry at people whose arguments in Debates on Issues of National Concern are simply mere apologies that are not rational or logical in substance  ~ but when your senses are repeatedly assaulted by idiots what do you do !?

Just Loved it !  ~the nonentity,revolting,obnoxious, ignoramus and as always completely clueless,but highly opinionated on all matters under the Sun ! Sanjay Jha, who from owning and covering Cricket on his website is now a Congress Spokesman,being ridiculed and taunted and literally put in his place by Dr Subramanian Swamy of the Janata Party and T S R Subramaniam,former Cabinet Secretary on the Controversial Jet-Etihad Deal that the PMO now finds worrying ~ the debate was on Times Now and anchored by Arnab Goswami

T S R Subramaniam simply shooed Jha off ! saying he will not stoop to the level of even questioning Sanjay Jha’s abilities,wisdom,comprehension ,intelligence or understanding !

This poor guy,Jha, does not even realise he’s being used by the Congress ! ~ probably in the false notion that like  Spokesmen before him he too may be  rewarded by being kicked up and made a Minister ultimately !  ~ the guy’s lame every time he features on a TV Debate ~ Congress seems to have run out of Caliber and Articulate and Respected Spokemen to represent and explain and defend their stand and views and actions on Public Platforms and the Media Channels ~ probably a job no one wants ! what with huge corruption scams falling out of the UPA cupboard everyday  in virtually every Ministry  ~ Telecom,Irrigation,Defence,NHAI,Banking,Coal,Aviation……..    

The PMO is clearly worried ~after having been drawn into the 2G Controversy and seen it’s Officers questioned by the CBI on the Coalgate Allocations  ~ both issues highlighted strongly by CAG as causing a huge loss of thousands of crores to the exchequer and involved favouritism and nepotism in granting licenses and allocating mines

And so ,despite this Jet-Etihad Deal being pushed and passed by the Aviation,Commerce,Finance and External Ministries despite their  objections that were conveniently sidelined and overlooked and not explained,the PMO has now issued a u-turn letter expressing serious concern over this deal ~ National Security will be compromised ~the hub moves away to Abu Dhabi ~ Air India traffic will lessen as 37000 seats have been given away to Etihad ~ the spanking new Delhi Airport which is the current hub will remain empty and may become a white elephant read more