Karnataka Assembly : Tainting India’s Democracy

I stay away from voicing any Opinion or Judgement on Politics in India….simply don’t know where to begin and where to end !….but making a rare exception with this blog  

This has been India’s Frustrating Paradox….We pride on us being the largest Democracy in the World….we must now spank ourselves on also being the biggest Misuser of Democracy !

The Paradox is that we have a Corrupt System…and to beat it you have to join it !….and if you join it and try to beat it you will soon find yourself having to leave it !

What is unfolding in the Southern Silicon State of Karnataka is a case in point 

A BJP elected Government is under threat by the JD Congress alliance led by Kumaraswamy….it is alleged that 16 BJP Rebel MLAs were offered Cabinet Positions and Rs 25 crs each to vote against the BJP Government….they were whisked away last week to Taj Exotica Resort in Goa…a bastion State of the Congress currently…. and then flown to a Five Star in Chennai before being flown back into Bengaluru to attend the Vote today….they could not because they were disqualified by the Speaker….and what seems to be an interference in the process by what seems to be a  Congress biased Karnataka Governor,Bharadwaj actually send a letter to the Speaker last week not to disqualify the BJP rebel MLAs and let the full house of 224 MLAs vote whether the Yeddurappa led BJP Government stays in power or has to exit…it is counter alleged by a rebel MLA that BJP itself offered Rs 10 crs to each rebel MLA not to be dissident…..

This morning these 16 BJP Rebel MLAs barged into the Vidhan Souda…breaking through Marshals and Police barriers and breaking window panes and creating a ruckus…saw one bare his chest too !

The Speaker on his part has been accused of being malafide in disqualifying the rebel MLAs….even before the Vote takes place….this does not breach the Anti Defection Law as the rebels have not gone against the whip of the party or taken prior permission to vote against them…this can only be seen after a Vote takes place…..this is a technicality that itself is a paradox !…..the Trust Motion by Voice Vote was declared as won in favour of the existing BJP Government….surely now JD,Congress and these rebel BJP MLAs surely will lodge a strong protest with the  Governor…..Interesting to see what the Governor does now !  

Act I,Scene One (Conspiracy to break the BJP Govt),Scene Two (Breaking the BJP MLAs and whisking them away ) and Scene Three (Trust Vote Motion this morning in the Vidhan Souda) is over of this Drama….Act II ,Scene I begins now……     read more