Last Month of 2012 begins ! ~ make it count ! ~ and I’ve got a great feeling about 2013 !

😆 Last Month of 2012 begins ! ~ make it count ! ~ and I’ve got a great feeling about 2013 ! 😀

😀 Cheers !

PS ~ 🙂 Lovely Inspiring way to begin December ~ Daughter flew to Singapore ,having been selected earlier,to represent India at an Asia Youth Camp ~ dropped her at the International Airport and then drove to nearby Santacruz to our favourite Dynasty for a lovely Chinese Dinner there after ages as we stay this side of town ~ Close to  11 pm there was a bit of  Saturday Night waiting !  ~ At Dynasty the waiting is inevitable every night though ! ~ 😛 The Taste is unique and consistent everytime we dine here ~ Spicy Veg Da Chen Soup,Mushroom & Paneer & Crispy Potato Starter, Tomato & Mushroom Rice,Paneer & Mushroom and Broccoli in Black Bean Sauce….. had it with dollops of their signature sweet coriander condiment ~ they have two other signature spicy condiments too ~ discovered that an earlier friendly steward had left and found both the current stewards very friendly and with full knowledge of the dishes they serve and forthcoming too with great suggestions what to try out

Past Midnight Daughter messaged us a kiss and that the flight was taking off ~ she flew to Singapore and we drove back home,not returning via the sea link and thereby  wasting the Return sea link ticket as it’s validity is only till midnight and we would have to pay again !

…and today is our Club’s Annual Day and Members are being treated to Cocktails and a lavish Buffett spread and a Gary Lawyer Concert ~ last year 900 Members registered and turned up as it was all free ! ~ today that record may be broken I’m told !

….and must be a coincidence ! ~ have 5 scrips being fundamentally researched and close to being recommended for trading and investment and 5 new clients committed to joining joining us this week

December is already marked out to be a hectic month ~ socially and professionally ~ who says it’s a vacation month ! ~ friends from US,NZ and Russia warning us they are descending into Mumbai !  ~Sister from Sydney to stay with us  ~ A Guns & Roses Concert after which only my son promises to cut his hair ! ~ trying to pin him down 😐 to discuss some audio visual work with the masterful him but our sleep hours are not the same ! ~   On returning from Singapore,Guitarist Daughter to perform  at the Schools Annual Music Fest ‘Encore’ with her All Girls Band ‘The Eternal Edge’ ~several weddings,one of a close cousin where I’m being trained to dance on my favourite ‘Senorita’ number from ZNMD and that means atleast twice a week rehearsals at night~ 😈 I’m insisting that the Salsa part should be breathtaking where I aggressively and in real swashbuckling style swing my wife horizontally between my legs and swing her back too ! ~ 🙄 they doubt I’ll swing her back and that she may just slide off the stage ! ~then there is  our website launch and host of new clients and the investment outlook for 2013 to be penned ~ and my wife’s post Christmas birthday ~ and a three day break away from Mumbai to get our breath back too being planned !….Phew ! 😎 read more