Warning : Stop “Listerine-ning” your Mouth….Top Mouthwash Brands linked to Oral Cancer !

Came across a distressing¬† News Item in Times of India yesterday….Top-selling mouthwash brands linked to Oral Cancer !

Investigation by the Australian Health Aurhorities reveal that the Main Culprits are the presence of Ethanol and Acetaldehyde in Alcohol containing Mouthwashes

Listerine ,Australia’s biggest selling mouthwash,contains 26% Alcohol

I rushed to my Bathroom to read the contents of the “Listerine” Mouthwash ¬†that’s been my friend for some time now…It contains 95% Ethanol !…and Ethanol,the study ,says allows cancer causing substances to permeate the lining of the Mouth more easily to cause harm…Listerine is endorsed by the Australian Dental Associaton

And Acetaldehyde is a by-product of alcohol and when the mouthwash is swished around in the mouth,it accumulates in the Oral Cavity and is believed to be carcinogenic !

My “Colgate”is now Happy and no longer jealous as “Listerine” and I have parted company !